Short daily update, 04/04/20

Good evening peeps, hope you’ve had as good a day as you can.

I woke up still feeling very tired, but feeling much better, then somehow had the crazy idea to make a start on papering the bathroom, why when im exhausted i have no idea, but hey that’s me, do something then think later that umm yep bad idea…

I should have given up after the 1st strip I hung, the one that was upside down… because in reality it all goes downhill from that first slip… as for matching the pattern well that one just had me baffled, I really couldn’t get my head around it, but maybe on another day I would have been able to, and gosh there was so much wastage on it, will definitely opt for a smaller pattern next time, so I get to the radiator the left side goes on perfectly, do the right side and bugger I only go and cut it on the right instead of the left, that was mistake number Iv no… so the only problem with all the wastage was that I only had 1 strip and half above the sink to do and yep, not enough paper, so iv ordered another roll but this one is going to take 14 days to arrive… oh well I guess i’ll be well rested by then hah.

Starting to feel hungry id only had a pot of yogurt with my coffee this morning, I asked olivia to do me a bowl of melon, I thought that would tide me over till lunchtime, until she told me it was 16.40, ahh I guess thats why Im feeling a tad hungry, I went upstairs at!!!, I did have a few breaks tho it’s bloody hard work climbing up and down the ladder, ok so it’s only 3 rungs high, but have you ever seen a giant teddy bear trying to climb a ladder, and also image if it fell off and got stuck headfirst behind the toilet… or even head first down the toilet pan.. ok I don’t want to think about that anymore ha ha ha…

So sorry peeps but no healthy food tonight, I will be back on track tomorrow, I ended up having a cheeseburger but im hoping I’ve worked off enough calories to compensate for the burger I had, I will admit though that I thoroughly enjoyed it, it has been over a year since I last had one, and I do not need any more food tonight, so it’s a good job I can’t make it to the kitchen lol, I think I’m going to be stuck in this upright position on the sofa until I someone comes and oils me.. haha …

So guys what have you lot been upto today? I do believe it going to be a nice day in the uk tomorrow, so i may put my feet up outside for a while in the garden, and I’m going to go on an online fabric hunt to make some new curtains for the bathroom.

So peeps my news is very quiet today, I am going to attempt to move the laptop off my lap, and pray I don’t snap in half, I’m a tad stiff this evening lol.

So I will bid you all goodnight now as I can see me being asleep very very soon, take care all, stay safe and smile you know someone somewhere is thinking of you. xoxoxo

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  1. Liz says:

    Have a good night. I shall be off WP after leaving this comment, until checking in tomorrow.
    I hear its going to be nice too tomorrow. So my plan is to be in the garden outside my flat for an hour in the morning, then in the afternoon.

    Today it has been dvd’s all day and some cd’s.

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    1. Good afternoon it has turned out nice, and been perfect for drying clothes, olivia had a dvd day yesterday, she said she really enjoyed it catching up on old films from her childhood..Hope you got to sit in the garden for a while today, although it has been a tad windy up here.

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      1. Liz says:

        It has been a tad windy here today. I chose to stay in my flat. I will feel the sun much warmer from inside my flat than out.
        I have my window open wider than normal for fresh air and as I have large windows in my flat with greenery just outside, it’s like I am outside still. Even though I am not. ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. I only went out briefly into the garden to hang the 1st lot of washing, but chose to stay inside so my neighbours could enjoy some sun, we have a tiny back garden thats only separated from my neighbours by a small wall and her husband and daughter are seriously ill, so I want them to enjoy what time they can, I’m not willing to risk passing on anything especially when I’m not 100% over the Pneumonia, il have many more sun days to come yet. Isn’t it great to have the windows open though, iv had a wonderful breeze blowing through.

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          1. Liz says:

            Yes it’s lovely feeling the breeze inside.

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  2. jmarie1974 says:

    quiet day! you’re crazy ๐Ÿ˜€
    I can barely dip a brush in paint without ruining… everywhere!
    As for paper hanging, nope, totally useless, last time I tried that was about 22 years ago, I moved soon after that!


    1. Lol, only 1.5 strips to hang when the new roll arrives, then I wont be hanging paper for a long time haha, at least olivia only wants hers painting that will make it easier for me and she can join in to, have a lovely day


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