Exhausted but feeling accomplished, diary entry 05/04/2020

Hello everyone, hope your all as well aswell can be.

Its seems as though I had a really good night’s sleep last night, but not so much for neil as apparently I was snoring a lot ooopppsss, sorry.

It took quite a bit to get out of bed, boy was I stiff and sore, ouch, more so than I expected to be, but it was quite laughable, just imagine the tin man from the wizard of oz, before he was oiled well that was me, Id say it took me about 15 mins or so until I felt safe enough to attempt to descend the stairs, I was certainly moving around like a joint that needed oiling, I didn’t squeak tho just groaned lol..

After a couple of coffees I think it is safe to say I was loosing up a bit haha, Id planned on having my coffee in the garden but upon opening the door it was still rather icy out there approx 7am ish.

The wind today was the perfect drying day, it’s so nice to see clothes blowing on the washing line don’t you think? so armed with the washing bag I launched it down the stairs, well why carry when you can throw it haha, but after today I won’t be able to as iv now put out my new wicker laundry basket and somehow I don’t think that will survive being thrown down stairs….But we can not throw our old basket away as it is one of sophie’s play things, she loves to dive in and out of it, and hide in there and swipe at you when your having a wash or brushing your teeth, you would think we would check the basket out first really lol.

The blind and curtains ( im going to make some new curtains ) are back up in the bathroom and iv given the bathroom cupboards a good clear out, really does anyone else have bottles of shower gel and soap etc with just bits in the bottom stored at the back of the cupboard that have been forgotten because you just pop the new ones in the front when you buy them?. and also all those gift sets you are given at christmas or your birthday, I think we have enough toiletries to do us probably through most of this year.. lol..

I had a lovely soak in the bath this afternoon, unfortunately though it has totally wiped me out, the bath combined with the housework yesterday and today was enough for my body to go into lockdown, I’m hoping just for today though and not the next few days, im eager to get back to playing on the Wii fit, Id forgotten just how fun it was, I’m pleased that I had prepared dinner this morning as there was no way I could of done it this evening, but I am feeling very accomplished and Iv not had that feeling in awhile, I’m starting to think that my mojo has definitely moved back home, it has taken her a long time to find her way back, so now we cross fingers and toes and anything else that crosses that she stays at home with me for the foreseeable future.

Elation: A big clap on the back for me please but not too hard im still pained haha, when I weighed myself a few nights ago, I was wearing jogging pants and a t shirt and it was early evening and it showed that I had lost 3lbs I was very pleased and excited, so image this morning, when I weighed myself at the same time as I did last sunday morning in the nuddy (not a pretty site lol.) on the day I got back on track to find I had actually lost 9.1lbs this week, I would jumped in the air in excitement but I was a little stiff getting up haha, so I did a silent woop instead.. as not to wake the others.

This has shown me that even though I had 1 rough day and didn’t eat properly and that I had a burger last night which I was convinced would have put that 3lb back on, the 5 days where I did cry through the pain exercising and the hard work Id done and putting the time back into prepping my meals has really paid off, and now I have the motivation to carry on, I did it once before I will do it again, and also after my bath I tried on a new pair of jogging pants that id brought 2 weeks ago and couldn’t get up over my ass, slid on great, still a little tight, but I think this time next week if I carry on they will fit much better..

Food Entry:

Breakfast I jazzed it up a bit lol….I swapped my usual greek yogurt for lime yogurt with crushed meringue nests and honeydew melon

Lunch/Diner dont know why but I always only ever had 1 main meal a day on a sunday, probably back to my childhood and those of my children it was always a big sunday dinner, but I didn’t fancy one of those today so made an orange and hoisin chicken salad you can find the recipe here

Desert was stewed apple, pear and rhubarb poured over a mountain of greek fat free yogurt and crushed meringue topped with strawberries, my mountain collapsed when I put the stewed fruit on, I didn’t really think about the weight issue lol, also it looks as though the fruit is green on the pic, didn’t matter how I took the pic it just kept coming out green..

I have plenty of calories left over today so will probably have a snack of something later on, but at the moment im feeling sufficiently stuffed.

So for now I am going to bid you farewell and enjoy the rest of your evening, im going to pop my pjs on and settle down for an hour or two before bed.

Wherever you are. whatever your doing smile xoxoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    WOOHOO!!!! Well done! fab news on the weight loss!
    Ah, the aches and pains – we’d think a hot bath would make things good again, but then just that relaxing in hot water…. yeah, there have been times my beds seen me for quite a while after a bath 😀 unfortunately i don’t have a bath now, haven’t used one in years, as I got bigger, I imaged firemen having to come in and having to unsuction me 😀 😀 😀 showers aren’t quite the same 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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