Orange and Hoisin Chicken Salad.

Another cheap and easy meal all the family can enjoy made from ingredients that you will have in your fridge and cupboard…

This salad tastes great eaten either hot or cold, I have warmed up the chicken and sauce for mine.

In brackets I will put the weight my ingredients were which gave me my calories, if your not calorie counting have a much salad as you would like, but remember just because this food is healthy, it could contain a lot of calories especially if you have excess sauces or chicken, or an excess amount of fruit which contains natural sugars.

  • Lettuce (20gr)
  • Cucumber (20gr)
  • Baby Tomatoes (20gr)
  • Grated Carrot (10gr)
  • Red Onion (10gr)
  • Large Strawberry (33gr)
  • Half Large Orange or 1 Small Orange (85gr)
  • 2 Hard Boiled Egg Whites
  • Pataks Mango Chutney (10gr)
  • 0% Fat Free Greek Yogurt (50gr)
  • Tesco Hoisin Sauce (20gr)
  • Cooked Chicken Breast (172gr)

Chop or dice the ingredients ( not the chicken ) and pop into a bowl mixing to coat with the mango chutney and yogurt, except the chicken and hoisin sauce, toss the chicken in the hoisin sauce and place on top of the salad mix, if your having the chicken warm mix the sauce in the pan with the chicken at the end of cooking to heat the sauce.

  • The macros for my meal are :
  • Calories 368
  • Carbs 29 grams
  • Fat 3 grams
  • Protein 54 grams

Please feel free to reblog or share my recipe on your social media account, but please link the credit back to me thank you xoxoxo

There is quite a bit of salad, it just got swallowed up by the rather large bowl

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