Wonderful Wednesday… Diary entry…

Good morning peeps. How are we all?

What a lovely morning it is, I’m currently sat in the garden writing to you wonderful people, I have my laptop and coffee and and a gentle cool breeze blowing and the birds are chirping away, apart from the seagulls that just squark and sound angry but I feel today is going to be a great day.

I’ve been pretty miserable the last couple of days, but that is down to the not so wonderful Mother Nature.

I went out to the shops again on Monday, I was feeling a little apprehensive because of the last experience I had, but it was brilliant to see the social distancing rules firmly in place and people adhering to them, except the odd couple of people who think it is just ridiculous and don’t see the point in it, now that is all im going to say on the matter.. yay.. I will continue to read you all say..lol…

Things started to go downhill Monday afternoon, I had woken up feeling great, about 3pm I started to feel quite unwell very lethargic so I headed up to bed for a few hours and woke feeling quite miserable, and that’s how my evening was, miserable and moody.

Tuesday wasn’t any better either, I came down feeling like a monster, angry and pissed off which only escalated when I couldn’t get any internet signal, my phone wouldn’t load with my mobile data, I had no wifi going through the laptop, I spent nearly and hour trying to find out why, resetting the router, unplugging the router, following all the steps from sky when my mobile data decided to load, it was very sporadic, and very slow to load, so of course already feeling down in the dumps it just escalated it.

I then managed to find out why, as I said the other day, mindless scum had dug up the cables to steal the copper, I mean seriously as though the world is not going through hard enough times as it is, they had managed to knock out 3 towns bringing down the internet, phone lines and in some places the TV’s, in usual times we could have all gone out for a walk or shopping while waiting for it to be repaired, but at the moment, the internet plays a vital role in our lives, so we can work, get medical help, facetime and call our loved ones, until I wrote that last sentence to be honest I really hadn’t thought about how much we rely on the internet and the wonderful modern technology that we all take for granted today, wow, it’s quite mind blowing now I’m thinking about it.

Oh dear my coffee goes cold quickly sat out here, I had better drink it faster , ok I’m back now with a new cup.

My mobile data being very slow to load and very sporadic was also making me angry, until my daughter got up and told me how people have been setting fire to the phone masts as they think that they emit the coronavirus, What!!! seriously some people, where do they get that idea from, I personally think it’s because they are scum and are using that for a reason to vandalise, yes scum is a hard word but its all i have for now, as I’m sure I will not be able to say many a profanic word on here….

Wednesday arrived and so did Mother Nature if only for a couple of hours, so I was then able to reason with myself and explain to Neil and Olivia as to why I had been like a bear with a sore head, I’m very irregular so I don’t have a pattern to follow that will allow me to prepare myself, but also this time my emotions were very high more than usual, I just hope my HRT kicks in for next time she should visit.

I spent yesterday designing new crochet squares for the 6 blankets that I have left to make, I shouldn’t really say I have designed them as what iv done is take other patterns and added to them with what I would like or combined 2 or more different designs together.

I also crocheted some rainbows for my 2 of my neighbours and 1 for myself to put in there windows and to say thank you for being a good friend and neighbour, and added a little blue heart to them to say thank you to our wonderful NHS and front line workers.

It is lovely when the wind drops, the sun is so warming, it feels like such a long time since i’ve felt the sun on my skin, it is pure heaven, I think i have needed this small injection of vitamin D im already starting to feel better, or maybe that’s because Mother Nature may be departing… lets pray on that one..

Today I’m not sure what my plans are Im thinking of maybe grabbing my hooks and yarn and maybe doing some crochet out here in the garden, I also have another pineapple that needs using so I need to come up with something to use it with, check back later to see if I have a recipe.

I hope you all have a wonderful day the best that you can, stay safe and well and smile someone somewhere is thinking of you, we are in this together all over the world xoxoxo

Image from google

Ps.. Time to put up the door screen a huge bumble bee has just flown into the kitchen, and wow iv just seen the time, where has the morning gone….

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