Good Friday, Good Morning.

Good morning friends, how are you all?

After being rudely awoken at silly o’clock by people shouting and arguing outside at an ungodly hour, I have managed to do 2 loads of washing which is out on the line to dry, sorted through ingredients for tonights tea, with it being Good Friday it will be fish, the only thing is I’m not sure of is which type of fish we are having, I have a general idea in my head as to what to do with it, but quite undecided yet lol… I’ll head to the kitchen after this and put back what I dont fancy today ummm im not sure how long that will take…

I am not religious, but my mother always insisted we eat fish on Good Friday to keep with tradition, I in turn have kept this tradition with my own children and do today in respect for those who follow a religion.

Christians believe Jesus was executed on Good Friday and died for our sins, sacrificing his flesh. The Church therefore encourages followers to abstain from eating meaty flesh on the anniversary of Christ’s death. Fish is perceived to be a different kind of flesh, as it comes from the sea (Taken from google, although im quite shocked to only find inserts from newspapers, I thought there would be a lot more information out there, or am I looking in the wrong place) If any of my readers are able to tell me if this is not correct I would be grateful to hear from you.

I hope you all have an awesome day and I will chat to you all later xoxoxo


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