Dress update, weekend update that turned into a moan…

Good evening peeps. How are you all?

How was your Easter Sunday? Mine was a tad quiet with no little people about, but hey there’s always next year.

We had a little knock on the door on saturday evening to find a little plant grown by a local 5yr old boy with a happy easter message, how absolutely beautiful of him, certainly brought a tear to my eye, I will keep you all updated with its growth, Im guessing its a sunflower.

Sunday started of great, I prepped the lamb and popped in the oven, then began on making the neighbours meal, as they couldn’t have there children and grandchildren there I thought it would be a nice idea to cook an Easter dinner for them also, along with a cake and wine we sent around.

I think I ate a tad to much and began to feel ill quite quickly, praying I hadn’t poisoned anyone lol, but seeing as it was only me im guessing I over indulged a bit….

I awoke at silly o’clock this morning, feeling not very good at all, so came down and made some lemon water, tried to work on my little dress, then got very annoyed when I found out that I only had 1 red button, 1 white button and no thinner red or white ribbon so I will have to wait until the shops are open again to find the bits that I need, I am a bit of a grotbags when I’m not feeling to good sometimes, but I have everything that I need just not in the correct colours, typical lol, Iv added a couple of pics of how far I’ve got, but thinking about it my heart really wasn’t in it this morning.

I headed back to bed at about 1pm ish and slept on and off for a few hours, iv just had some cheese on toast and a glass of milk, I always have to have a glass of milk if I have cheese iv no idea why it’s just something Iv always done.

Another sign im getting unwell is drinking milk, sometimes I will just glug back pints of milk before I get ill, I suppose it’s a good thing as it allows me to prepare, iv sorted out clean underwear and clothing/nightwear for the next few days into piles on my dresser, so whoever is helping me doesn’t have to decide for me lol, but pray for me it’s just overindulgence.

I really didn’t come on here to moan tonight it’s just turned out that way, sorry.

So I am going to end on a positive note, tomorrow is a brand new day, a brand new week, and another week where we are all in this together, and we will all get through it together xoxoxo

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