Lovely day, Good Food Diary Update.

Good evening all, how are you?

Its been another glorious day although a tad chilly in parts, I decided to go for a walk along the river as no one ever goes there, but to say we only pasted 8 people so that wasn’t to bad, the river is only a few mins from my home and takes us into town, so I think I feel ok about doing it again.

We took some bread we had going stale (usually id make a queens pudding with it, but I love it with tinned milk on which Im not able to get hold of at the moment), and fed the swan, ducks and gulls, we had a look for mummy swan but im guessing she is nesting somewhere out of the way this year.

I walked a lot better than I expected to and made sure I rested in my chair when I couldn’t physically drag a leg forward any more lol.

The walk led us to Lidl and as there was no que we popped in, I needed some oranges and cheeses for tea and I needed the loo badly, but the loos were still out of order they’ve been like that since christmas, tomorrow If I decide to go for a walk i’ll only have one cup of coffee and no meds till I get back home lol, so we went up and down the isles as we couldn’t get to the fridge for the cheese as there were quite a few people then we realised that it was the que for the tills, whaattt, it wasn’t to bad though it went down pretty quickly, the only problem I had was stopping and starting of my wheelchair, I thought my bladder was going to explode with every movement and it wouldn’t have been a puddle on the floor it would have been a bloody ocean lol..

The only other shop in town was B&M and I only needed a couple of bits but as we approached, the que to enter the shop was so so loonngg no way could I hold it in, I’m pleased that we only live behind the shops albeit up a hill or two, but dont think Iv ever got up there so fast or up the stairs to my bathroom ha ha, heading back the hill we were in the que for about 15 mins, it was quite nice though to be able to walk around the shop and get what you need without being invaded by the minute inconsiderable customers, I was pleasantly surprised just how nice it was to shop again, and hopefully when all this covid-19 is over that people continue to appreciate people’s personal space, and that these little things like shopping can once again become an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Food For The Day:

Breakfast I had honeydew melon and a lemon yogurt, and to many black coffee with sweetner.

Lunch, which was a bit late in the day, due to shopping and walk, I sat in the garden with a packet of king prawns, an orange and a banana custard yogurt.

Tea/Dinner, Tonight I dry fried a chicken breast butterflied but it broke in 2 oops, topped with light mozzarella, I dry fried some leeks and mushrooms in plenty of garlic granules and crushed peppercorns then added some white wine and light philadelphia soft cheese to make a creamy sauce, and air fried some oven chips which I coated in fry light and then tossed into a mixture of garlic granules, herbs, salt, pepper and paprika, they turned out really nice and made a change from plain chips.

The calories are higher than what I would normally have in a main meal, but due to having a light breakfast and lunch I had plenty left over = 514 Calories.

Dessert/Pudding Honeyed bananas with greek yogurt and crushed meringue nests.

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