Kalo Pascha and a horrid week

Can I begin by wishing Kalo Pascha/ Happy Easter to all our Greek Friends I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Good morning my wonderful peeps I hope you are all as well as can be.

The week started off great I felt really well then a few days ago I developed a bit of a tummy ache, nothing unusual about that, I continued to prep tea/dinner, I made a chicken breast stuffed with halloumi and a honey and mustard dressing, for lunch I made a strawberry and orange prawn salad.

By tea time I was in excruciating pain, the last time it was like that was about 4 years ago, and boy I would rather be in labour at least you get something at the end of it!!!.. The only way to describe it, is to imagine your 9 months pregnant with a very large round belly that is rock solid so hard a constant contraction, at least in labour you a get a few seconds to take a breath with this nothing and nothing to show for it.

By 3am we were still sat in the bathroom, not knowing if anything was going to come up or down, the nausea was horrendous, tying to think of anything to relieve the pain, id had my fair whack of painkillers, Neil remembered we may have some gripe water in the back of the cupboard from when we had the baby stay with us a while ago, yep we had some and yep it was out of date but anything is worth a try at this point, I was desperate, so reading the dosage the highest was for 6-12mths 2 teaspoon fulls, umm think I can tolerate a bit more, and its natural so cant do no harm, so I glug back 2 big mouthfuls YUK, it was discussing, sorry to any babies iv given it to, and Dill the taste was vile I’m not sure I can ever cook with dill again ha ha the taste lingered for a quite a while, but an hour later my contraction was starting to ease, was it the gripe water relieving it? I really think so, and sleep was on the agenda at last.

I slept for a few hours and just awoke with a mild cramp as though I had done a heck of a lot of situps the day before, so I just took it easy and spent the day on the sofa with my hook, and cucumber sandwiches lol.

Good news, one of daughters brought me one of those fitness watches, you know like a fit bit im really looking forward to tracking my steps and sleeps etc, Il have a play around with it today as I think tomorrow I will be ready to start working out again, I only have a very small amount of pain from the cramp now.

What I did learn was that I can use the watch to take photos on my phone!!! How Awesome is that… apart from when I was going upstairs to the loo it kept on taking pics I had so many as every step took a pic ha ha, so I had a lot of deleting to do but it was fun, I still think it’s Amazing you can press your watch and a photo comes on your phone… I’m actually blown away by it haha.

Turkey, Apple and Cheese Cake!!!

Iv been told I can’t call it cake because its not a cake, Ok I called it cake because I made it in a cake tin.. so it technically is a cake haha.. It was very tasty and Il put the recipe up later it was so easy to make.. We ate our with an orange and mango sauce salad..

I hope you all have a wonderful day, I am off to prep sunday dinner we are having beef today, I like sundays as I don’t weigh or measure my foods and if I want a naughty pudding I will have one, we still have a cheesecake left in the freezer so I think I will enjoy a piece of that, then that is the last of the naughty puddings we have left in the house, have an awesome day everyone and hopefully Il be back for more happy!!! chatting later..

Wherever you are whatever your doing smile someone somewhere is thinking of you..

Image from google.

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