Brilliant but tiring day. Food entry.

Evening peeps how are we all?

Well I’m certainly feeling better again!!! for how long who knows…But goodness im feeling it tonight..

I was awoken at an ungodly hour by sophie again, she did her best to bring me my jumper that I had left on the dressing table for this morning, I was sneaking a peek at her while trying to pretend to be asleep haha, she gave up in the end and brought me one of my bracelets instead, a bit smaller to carry I think lol, so I took that as my cue to get up, well the sun is shining go obviously its get up time!!! bleary eyed I came down and popped the kettle on while she was maddly running around, sat down with my coffee turned on the TV it was 5..25 am…. needles to say I went back to bed at around 11ish this morning.

I didn’t waste my early morning though, after I come around to the land of the living ( well to a certain degree) I decided to have a go on the Wii step, in total not all at once ( due to my pain) I managed to do a grand total of 20 mins… I was very proud of that, and I’m sure it helped me to easily drift back off to sleep a couple of hours later lol.

Nap over and feeling more human im off out to grab some fruit and veg, I did manage to walk in blocks, may as well try while I can and it was a lovely day out there, blue skies and sunshine and only passed a few people, which is a few more than I usually pass out of lockdown, all in all its been a great day but now im absolutely pooped out, Iv got a delivery comming in the morning at 6am!!! yep only me can ask for an early morning delivery and you can guarantee I wont be awake or one of the cats wont wake me up lol, so think I had better set myself an alarm, but also great excuse to go back to bed for an early morning nap….

Food has been pretty good today, the morning was fruit and yogurt and prawns snatched here and there.

Dinner… Now im very pleased with how it went, where I got the idea for the veggie marinade from Iv no idea it smelt awful but tasted great.

We had roasted tomatoes and rainbow trout on a bed of mushroom. red onion, carrot ribbon, spinach and courgette ribbons with a marinade made from white wine, white wine vinegar, a bay leaf a little ground coriander and a pinch of fennel seeds, I brought the marinade to a boil and reduced it a bit while I stir fried the veggies and then add the marinade to the veggies for the last couple of minutes, sounds disgusting but tastes so good, I think I will experiment a bit more, we also had a lemon and pepper orange side salad.

Desert/Pudding… I made a berry avalanche!! I quickly heated up a pan of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and through in a couple of chopped up pears that needed eating, with just a hint of mixed spice, once all the liquid had come out of the fruit before it went to soggy, I strained the fruit and added the liquid back to the pan with some honey on a boil to reduce to make a lovely syrup, this was served on top of a good dollop of fat free greek yogurt and crushed meringue pieces ( to resemble fallen snow…), I think it has to be the tastiest fruit dish i’ve done yet.

It’s certainly made a change to talk about nice things, I feel all i’ve done in moan lately apologies peeps, but I like to keep it real!. Ohh and Iv even made a veggie soup for my lunch tomorrow now that is me being on the ball lol.

So for now I’m going to take my achy creaky bones to bathroom and get myself ready for bed, were going to watch that new program the Lincoln Rhyme Hunt for the bone collector hope it lives up to the hype it’s had.

Im going to wish you all a good night, enjoy the rest of your day and sleep well when its bedtime, night night, and remember someone somewhere is thinking of you xoxoxo

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