A good day, Diary entry, Video call from grandson…

Good evening all how has your day been?

What another glorious day it has been, the sun is so warm when the wind drops for a second or 2, I tried to sit in the garden for a bit this morning while the sun was on us but I kept getting hit in the face by the washing on the line, it is still too windy to put the clothes prop up it just ends up in next doors garden, Im sure my washing has a longing to mingle with the neighbours washing as it just doesn’t stay in mine lol, but there is supposed to be less wind tomorrow, hopefully down a little bit so I can sit outside for a while.

I haven’t done any exercise routines today as I am quite sore, I have pushed through the pain with tears the last couple of days, and even though my mind is willing my body is not, I really don’t want to do any more damage to myself.

I had a video call from 1 of my grandsons he was so excited to tell me he had done a poop and a pee, and wouldn’t let mum put his nappy in the bin until he showed me, he was so excited, then proceed to put the nappy bag in the bin lol, I think I should feel very loved that he wanted to share this experience with me lol 🤔.

Breakfast was the usual fruit and yogurt, and endless black coffee.

Lunch Neil picked up these little pots of low fat houmous with mini pitta bread to dip, as lovely as it was it was a bit to high in calories and fat for my liking, but great as a little treat.

Dinner/Tea… As I said the other day, I was going to try and experiment a bit more, I eat zucchini/courgette but im not a fan of it, so thought what could I do to liven it up a bit, I still used my basic seasoning but needed a different way to cook it, I was having fish again, I seem to be craving fish at the moment which isn’t a bad thing and makes a change from the naughty C word… So how perfect fish and chips… I had half a courgette left so sliced it lengthways into chips made a seasoning of garlic granules, mixed herbs, salt & pepper and a some napolina grated cheese ( the one in the tub like parmesan next time I buy some I’ll add a pic).

I sprayed the ‘Chips’ with fry light and tossed them into the seasoning along with, baby tomatoes and button mushrooms and cooked them in the air fryer on a high heat, OMG they were delicious the flavour was so different with a crunch like chips, I think these will be my new best friend.

So for tea we had salmon and the above, with pan fried carrots and green beans cooked in a garlic honey sauce.

Desert was yogurt, honey, strawberries and blueberries. (sorry not good presentation this evening).

All in all I have a rather pleasant day which seems to have just flown in, I have done very little but feel as though I have achieved a lot..

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I bid you all a good night, please sleep well, stay safe and smile, someone somewhere is thinking about you xoxoxo

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  1. Liz says:

    Your meal looks lovely and tasty.
    Lol. I was picturing the scene with your grandson when he was telling you his proud and you trying not to screw your face.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, and you hit the nail on the head there with the call, it was so hard not to laugh at him, with his very proud moment lol


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