Seafood for tea, Diary food entry.

Good evening everyone, how has your day been?

Well the morning has been somewhat eventful but that is a different story for a different time.

If you read my blog yesterday I said I would get a picture of the cheese I used to make the zucchini chips, well Neil managed to get some when he went shopping today and as I was rather eager to make more ‘chips’ I turned my lunch into fish and chips the healthy way, Iv put up the rather simple recipe for the here

Today has been another glorious day, I even managed to sit out in the garden without getting hit by the washing lol, and type up my lunch.

The afternoon umm I can’t seem to remember doing anything, I sat in the garden, got very confused trying to work out the calorific value of pasta it was coming out at 15000 calories… just a little high I think…🤔, but I got there in the end, now that was a task, especially when Im not good at maths, but a bit of googling and a bit of reading and it worked out haha.

I don’t eat a great deal of pasta as it really doesn’t agree with me, but I really wanted to make a seafood pasta dish, I wanted to make a low fat, low cal version of one of my favourite dishes, and it turned out amazing, not great photos though, sorry, at only 342 calories for a white wine creamy pasta dish is quite amazing really, so I think.

I used scallops, prawns and octopus, so yummy as my grandson jack would say lol. I nearly cried though when I weighed out 50 grams of cooked pasta there was nothing there!!! and I was very tempted to add more pasta to my dish but im glad I didnt, although on the pic it doesn’t look much it was just the right amount and very filling, it will definitely be a once in a while treat with the pasta but next time im going to try it with the wok noodles as they don’t upset my tummy.

This evening has been rather quiet, I watched a bit of the big night in and went outside with my neighbours at 8pm to clap for our heroes, Im now watching Gino, Fred and Gordon absolutely love these 3 they alway bring a smile to my face lol.

I just want to point out that as i’ve now been putting my screenshots of my macros on here, I take these before I’ve had my supper, so I am eating my 1500 or close to calories and not just the few calories that it shows, so i am eating plenty.

So not a great deal to tell today, just another quiet but oh so quick day, I suppose if the time is flying by then we are closer to coming out of lockdown.

So I will bid you all goodnight I hope you enjoy the rest of your day and remember to smile, stay safe and as well is possible xoxoxo

Please feel free to like, comment and share away. Thank you xoxo

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