A walk along the River Ellen, Food Diary Entry.

Good evening world.

Another beautiful glorious sunny day, I’m definitely taking advantage of the weather while I can, infact it was the perfect day to get the winter coats out of the cupboard and give them a wash and let them hang on the washing line to dry.

It was lovely to sit in the garden with my breakfast this morning, with no wind and the sun settling on me, it was just like being in Greece, only a little cooler lol.

I thought I would join Neil in his trip to the shop today, via the River Ellen which is less than a 5 min walk from our house.

The River Ellen flows from Skiddaw in the Northern Fells to the Solway Firth in Maryport, it was historically in the county of Cumberland and is approximately 25 miles in length. The pics are taken from my wheelchair, I will take some better one’s when im standing up next time.

The walk was lovely I found it a bit easier today as I had dosed myself up on painkillers well before we went out, which started to wear off when almost home, but that last little bit was so worth it.

I do have to say though that I was a bit disappointed coming down through town towards the river, where we passed 3 couples and I maybe making assumptions here but we live in a very small town and I don’t know any locals who wear hiking gear, ie. walking boots, pants, kagols and backpacks who park in the harbour car park, the pay and display one ( we have free car parks) and don hiking gear to walk the 2 minutes up shipping brow to visit the only 2 shops open in town..Usually we love tourist and would welcome them with open arms, but not a the minute, please respect our town and the locals who live here, and stay in your own towns… ( rant over).

The afternoon was rather laid back, I was a bit tired after my outing, I did a total of 25 mins 3sec walking, which included rest breaks, I am very proud of what I achieved today, so I just had a snack in the garden for my lunch, which was just prawns, a coconut yogurt, apple rice cakes and a cucumber sandwich, rather random foods lol, I crocheted a couple of little coasters for the table while out there, I just had a feeling of putting my cup down to hard and the glass breaking, it probably won’t but at least I won’t hear the clang in the morning lol, I became very tired and popped up to bed for a couple of hours and tonight im exhausted, which is probably a mix of sun and exercise.

I haven’t felt like eating much this evening as im tired so I just cooked a tuna steak and had a small salad with it and a bowl of yogurt and crushed meringues with some seared pineapple and mangos cooked in mixed spices and made a coulis of raspberry and blueberries with honey and vanilla extract, and for a treat sprinkled on some chocolate strands we had left from christmas.

So for now im going to bid you all goodnight and stay safe, stay well night night xoxoxo

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