Diary Update and Fake Tanning Ooppss…

Hello everyone hope you are all well.

Apologies for not being around this past week, because of all my hard work, exercising last week it sent my body into a total lock/melt down, It was expected, and I’m rather pleased it has only lasted a week this time, I’m still a little fatigued so will stay off the exercise for a bit, which is a shame, but I will get back into the healthy eating from today and start logging food again, last year I would get totally worked up that I wasn’t eating properly and snacking, but I’m over all the stress of that now, its nothing I can change, it just means it will take me longer to lose weight than some people.

On wednesday I was a little miserable and just wanted to go the beach and sunbathe and swim, so thought what could I do to cheer myself up and get rid of my milk bottle skin, the sun and a little glow to the skin always makes me feel better.. Well I had a good idea…….

Rummaging around in the bathroom cupboard I came across a bottle of fake tanning mousse, oh yeah, time to get a tan even if it was from Costa Del Bottle, heading upstairs I stripped off, not a pretty site I might add, and covered myself in so much tan after all why not go all out and get a great golden kissed tan…I only needed to leave it on for 6 hours…

So now I’m all sticky and looking like an Umpa Lumpa parading around the bedroom naked with arms out as though I’m trying to fly like a plane as we did as kids haha, so obvious I couldn’t get dressed yet, but it did say on the bottle quick drying.. it’s now been 20 mins and Im still sticky and still flying..

I shouted for Neil to bring me up the polish and a duster I may as well make use of my time up here.. But have you ever tried to dust and not bend over? it’s not easy I’m telling you, if I bent over or squatted down my spare tyre ( it is tractor size), would touch my thighs, the last thing I wanted was white streaks across my thighs where my spare tyre had rubbed off the fake tan..

The next problem was that I needed to bend ever so slightly so that my dangling swinging boobs did not rub off the tan underneath on my belly, gosh this is getting difficult 🤣

An hour after flying around the bedroom trying not to brush against the bedding and polish the chest of drawers and wardrobe while slightly bent to keep my boobs off my tummy and not bend to much so as not to touch my legs, the tanning mousse is finally dry, yay, time to get dressed I was bloody freezing up there..

4 hours pass and im a little itchy, well I suppose with my over sensitive body (its being a little sassy this week), it’s to be expected, I’m thinking I will dye my 3 inch lockdown grey roots, well new golden body needs golden locks to finish off the look…

Half an hour later and the itch is intensify, time to hit the shower, yuk, you would think I was having a mud bath, so there I am scrubbing away, ohh the colour is nice, Im liking that, yay, feeling happier with my golden glow and hair all 1 colour now, really lifted my spirits.

I’m so happy with the colour but gosh do I itch, so I have a golden tan that made me try to think that I was a plane and making me try to fly around my bedroom, while looking like an Umpa Lumpa and my grey roots have gone and I now look 10 years younger ( well I can dream can’t I).. But.. I have obviously had a reaction to the tanning mousse, my gorgeous glowing skin is now full of a big red and white maddly itching rash, even now 2 days later Im itching like crazy, Iv had antihistamines and cream but nothing is working, was it worth it? Hell yes.. for a couple of hours I felt amazing and felt good about myself, I think we all need to pamper now and again to lift our spirits, I have a cooling face mask which I may try tonight to cool the skin on my face a bit, luckily I only have a slight rash on my face so my good looks🤣 haven’t been to badly damaged..lol…

Well folks it’s now 9.40 am and I’ve been up for a few hours with an upset tummy I think I will have another coffee and try and get another hour or 2 of sleep.

Have an awesome day with whatever you are doing, hopefully I will be back tonight with a daily food intake for you, Iv already cooked the chicken breasts for tea, so that will same me some energy for later, I’m thinking of making a homemade low fat low cal pepper sauce with it.

Take care, stay safe, stay well xoxoxo

This explains everything I was trying to say haha.
Image from google.

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  1. Liz says:

    Sorry. I tried not to laugh, but ended up doing in all the effort you put in, while waiting for the fake tan to dry. I have never dared to use fake tan myself, but if I had, I would have just done my arms and legs. Just where it would be visible for clothing, had I wanted to bare my legs.
    But how awful you had a reaction with it. Glad you still felt the benefits. If you can get your hands on aloe vera gel, that may help you for the itching.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I made you laugh, we all need it these days, the first thing I did was plaster myself in aloe gel, it took the heat out a bit, I rummaged through the holiday suitcase and found a tube of anthisian which has helped more than the others, I always have a new tube in the case for mossi bites, but could have done with remembering that on wednesday lol, If I was going out I would never have tried it, apart from the rash it doesn’t look too bad at all, im quite pleased with the result but I won’t be doing it again 🤣.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Liz says:

        Glad you had some aloe to hand.

        Liked by 1 person

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