General Chit Chat, Food, Acrylics, flowers and walk.

Good evening all.

Another glorious day out today, so I decided to go on my walk along the river, Iv stayed away from the promenade and marina though as I think there maybe to many people about, its not worth taking the risk of maybe getting infected (sorry if that sounds shallow), there were plenty of ducks and other birds about, but I didn’t take any pictures as they all seemed to be in compromising positions…….. 😂

I did see some lovely yellow orchids, sorry about the photo quality, I really didn’t have the strength to get down to there level, there is no way I would have got back up again lol.


I popped a chicken in the oven to cook while we were out, ready to make a Sunday dinner, only problem was I forgot to turn the oven down, id turned it up to preheat the oven, so it was a tad on the dry side, and the liquid had evaporated so no nice gravy either, so weve settled for chicken butties lol, and crimble crumble (thats apple crumble to you normal peeps lol).

Here are just a few of the foods i’ve had this week:

  • Poached eggs on toast…. 261 Calories, I used ketchup instead of butter to keep the Calories down, and bread from a small danish loaf.
  • Goose egg, beans, toast and garlic mushrooms…. 496 Calories ( A treat as Goose eggs are very high in calories and fat) If I have a high calorie breakfast I will have fish and lots of veggies for my evening meal as these are low in calories and fat.
  • Pineapple and Mango Chicken stir fry, with a flat stuffed mushroom, stuffed with a chopped up tomato and the stalk of the mushroom, tossed in parmesan and herbs then air fried. 370 calories.
  • Chicken breast covered in a mushroom and leek creamy herb white wine sauce ( sorry mushrooms had started to taint so made the sauce a yukky grey colour). I didn’t calculate the calories because I forgot to add them to the app was a quick cook meal so I estimate at about 400 Calories, with air fried veggies.

Olivia has redone my nails for me and im starting to learn how to type with the pads of my fingers, lol, although there are quite a few mistakes I can no longer type and watch the tv at the same time ha ha, I suppose it’s one of the benefits of the lockdown, shes bored and I get my nails done lol, you can follow her instagram here and her facebook here, She is totally self taught and only started this year, she has done remarkably well, I would be really grateful of you could give her a follow and share her pages, Thank You Very Much, She is also a self taught MUA and has qualified in various beauty courses such as lash perms and lifting.

I’m feeling at the moment well enough to embark on another few days of exercise from tomorrow and pray I can do a few days before I crash, so tomorrow I’m going to make up a few salad boxes, fruit boxes and some jellies, i’ve got about a week’s supply of yogurts and cup a soups in so if I do go into a crash at least I won’t have to worry about cooking food, the others are more than capable of fending for themselves, I dont know why I didnt think about it before. 🤔

Well I think that’s all my news today, I’m off to munch on some rather dry chicken, pop my feet up and watch a bit of Magnum PI before an early night, so I will say goodnight, and wherever you are, whatever your doing smile, someone, somewhere is thinking of you, stay safe, stay well XOXOXO

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  1. Astrid says:

    The pineapple and mango chicken stir sounds so delicious! I’m so sorry your chicken this evening didn’t t urn out as good as you’d ha ve liked.


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