Good Monday, Bad Tuesday, Good Wednesday.

Hello peeps.

How are you doing?

It’s looks like it’s going to be another lovely day out there, if I still have some energy after I get off this bike I may even go for a short walk along the river, il decide later. (I didn’t go for the walk).

Yesterday (monday) was a pretty good day, I meal prepped all my salads for the week and il decide what will be the main body on the day.

I made few jellies, and a fruit box for yesterday and today.

I had a video call with my brother in law, I do feel for him being stuck in, but I’m sure as soon as lockdown is over he will be up here.

I went back to bed at lunchtime and slept for an hour, until I was awoken by the window cleaner!

Breakfast was the usual fruit and Yogurt.

Lunch was a prawn salad

Tea was smoked haddock with courgette chips and stir fry veggies, followed by some left over apple pie.

Snacks were sweet chilli crackers and light Philadelphia.

It’s now Wednesday afternoon, I have no idea what went wrong yesterday, the day started off great, I got off the bike to finnish writing this blog on the laptop, but ended up polishing the living room and doing washing, then it went downhill from there, I ate 2 hershey’s eggs, some jelly babies and cheesy beans on buttered toast, so effectively I just wrote off the day.

Today has been much better, iv had fruit and Yogurt for breakfast, ham salad for lunch and a small pot of breyers Cookies and cream, i’ve been sat in the garden since 10 am making myself a shawl for the chilly nights and mornings to use in the garden.

I was starting to feel a bit warm and noticed my chest was getting red, so thought it was best to come in.

I’m now back on the bike sweating a bit more, writing to you lovely people, then it’s shower and decide what to have for tea.

I hope your all having a lovely day and making the most of the weather, I will say ta ta for now and go jump in the shower I don’t smell or look to pretty lol. xoxoxo

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