A Great Day/Food Diary Entry.

Good evening my friends.

Welcome and Thank You to my new followers it really means a lot that you have taken the time to interact with me.

It’s been a pretty good day today, I managed to get out for a walk, and saw a heron, the river was very high due to the high tide today, so the footpath was a bit flooded, we went down the road, but that was fine I was bursting for a wee, so just prayed the public toilets were open, although it was only a few mins extra walk, I felt every bump and crack in the road that the wheels of my wheelchair went over, and yes it was wishful thinking that they would be open, I dont think ive ever hobbled up my stairs so fast to the bathroom, there was plenty of grunting & groaning on the way up, I pray no one heard especially when I let out a rather loud AHHHH, whilst sat on the loo 🤣.

Shopping was a bit of a nightmare, it seems that some people think the social distancing measures have either ended or don’t apply to them. Il not get into it or i’ll be ranting away for the next hour.

Breakfast and Lunch were the usual, fruit, yogurt and prawn salad.

After lunch we put up some bunting on the house (well technically neil did), for VE day tomorrow, I was online doing some clothes shopping for my brother in law,

I then headed up to bed for a couple of hours, I was slightly tired, no I was knackered, I slept for a good hour and half, the walk had tired me out I walked the furthest I have done so far this year, a grand total of 0.61 miles, with plenty of rest stops, I’m very happy with that distance.

Tea/Dinner was fruit skewers (I forgot to add the onions and mushrooms lol), Pineapple & tomatoes was all I had on my skewer, I didnt even realise that that I only had 2 foods on the skewer lol, at least Neil got peppers on his, I will blame it on the tiredness….. with a sticky glaze, a mozzarella stuffed chicken breast and some garlic mushrooms oops and courgette chips.

Snacks were a bag of organix baby apple rice cakes, and while im writing this sweet chilli crackers and light philadelphia.

Well thats my news for now im absolutely shattered, therefore I’m going to head up to bed and maybe have a rest day tomorrow.

It looks like someone else has also had a tiring day, it’s such hard work being a cat…lol…

A very tired spooks lol.
Image from google, I chose this pic as the cat looks like spooky.

Wherever you are, whatever your doing, smile and stay safe thank you for reading xoxoxo

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