Weekly Macros/Food Diary.

Morning peeps it’s a bit windy out there today, we are going to have to take the bunting down it was rather loud blowing against the bedroom windows last night, and also it sings and not quietly either lol.

Please Note: When viewing my macros charts, the myfitnesspal app gives me 1200 calories a day, but I have 1500 calories a day, so 300 are alway missing from my screen shot, so although the app may say I am not eating enough please be assured that I am, I don’t do quick fixes. (iv found the weekly chart on the app so will be uploading it weekly and not daily now).

Again this week it has been a fish week, except for 1 day when we had chicken, I’m totally loving the low cal, low fat white wine sauce that I have been making, I could eat it with everying lol.

So last night the healthy eating went out of the window, the local chinese reopened and even though it was a 3 hour wait for it, it was so worth it. I believe that you should have want you want within reason because if you deny yourself your favourite food you are going to crave it more there for you will end up binge eating it, I’m not saying go out and eat everything in site on your day off, but have something you love, as you lose weight you will learn to realise when you are full, and most importantly you will naturally find you eat less of your treat without probably even realising it because your mind is set on eating in moderation.

Sunday is my day off/cheat day/treat day whatever you want to call it, so I have changed my off day to last night, so today I will measure and calculate my sunday dinner intake.

Ok i’ll stop rambling on, here is some of the foods that I have had this week:.

Weekly Macro Chart

Wherever you are whatever your doing have a great day and remember to smile even at yourself in the mirror, you are worth it xoxoxo

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