Food Diary Entry 13/05/20 A so so sort of day.

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Good evening peeps, how are you all?

Still a bit down today so food hasn’t been great, as of 21.40 Im on 820 calories, but I have been sucking on boiled sweets this evening so they have probably taken me well over my allowance.

During the day I had a packet of apple rice cakes, prawns and a chicken noodle cup soup, for desert this evening I had a mini tub of breyers caramel cake ice-cream which is only 75 calories so im very happy with that lol.

Iv done 15 mins on the exercise bike while watching aerobic videos on youtube lol, well you never know I may get to do them one day instead of just watching them.

Yesterday’s food was just a disaster I had a major wobble and allowed my demons to get the better of me even though I said I wouldn’t, but I think it was needed, the breakdown that was, to allow me to move on a bit.

For tea this evening I just made a quick chicken in mushroom and onion wine sauce with a few veggies on the side, it did taste better than how it looks on the pic.

Well I guess tomorrow is another day as they say, and try to get back on track again!!!! iv lost count of the get back on track agains…lol…

So Im afraid thats all peeps for today, I don’t really have any news to tell, so I shall bid you all goodnight, please sleep well and safe to those who are also at bedtime, and to the rest of the world have a wonderful and safe day xoxoxo.

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