A Good Day and an Awesome Dinner. Exercise Getting Easier.

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How are you all? How has your day been?

I awoke at an ungodly hour this morning, but im sure I slept pretty well last night for a change, I must have I didn’t hear neil come to bed, by 6.30am I had hung out 2 lines of washing, and it wasn’t a bad morning at all, but still a little chilly to sit outside with my morning coffee.

I managed to get a telephone call with my surgery this morning, I was able to send in photographs of my rash, the one iv had for the best part of the year, that has now decided to spread to other parts of my body, I think its brilliant being able to send in photos, and it should be kept after lockdown I think it will free up a lot of waiting times, Iv been given a steroid cream (expect the pharmacy didn’t have it and have had to order it in), and if there’s no change by Monday to ring back up and they will try something else, I suppose really I should have contacted them a few weeks back but i didn’t want to hassle them as they are quite busy.

Only a few mishaps today, the battery in my scales died so iv had to guess work my calorie intake, so I have been careful not to over eat and im estimating at about 1000 calories so far, luckily the myfitnesspal app has I would guess probably every food in it that iv eaten, so its only really the foods that need weighing.

I photographed Neils dinner, but only remembered to photo mine when I was halfway through eating it, so I will upload Neils dinner for you to see, mine was the same except without the oil and less salad.

It was so delicious so I will make it again one day and pop it up here for you to see, with all the macros and weights and ingredients.

I did 12 mins on the bike this morning at a much quicker speed, but I don’t want to put the intensity up yet until I can do at least 30 mins with relative ease, so far this week my body is not telling me to stop so I guess I’ll take advantage of it haha. 🚲😓

So onto the food… Iv stuck to fruit, yogurt and rice cakes oh and I had a chicken noodle cup soup for my lunch.

On to my awesome tea/dinner.. It was a cod fillet cooked with a herby lemon breadcrumb served with homemade tzatziki and a chickpea salad, lettuce, baby tomotatoes, homegrown spinach, red onion, peppers and cucumber , with a balsamic and lime juice reduction.

I haven’t really done much today, I finished crocheting the last 2 squares for my blanket, lay them out on the floor in the order that i wanted them, to get ready to attach them all together and im 4 squares short, I guess I can’t do maths properly lol.

Well my dear friends I wish you all a good night Im going to have an hour in front of the tv before I head up for an early night, I wish you all a pleasant rest of your day and that it is filled with lots of happiness xoxoxo

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