Rambling on about nothing while cycling into outer space.

Hello my lovelies, hope you are all well.

Just thought I would come on here and ramble away while I’m cycling in to outer space.

I find sitting on the bike quite boring, even if im watching TV at the time and also I look at the clock on the bike more often and it goes so sslloooowwww.

So a tip to make the time go quicker, watch youtube videos, blog like me, text etc anything that takes the mind off cycling into outer space, and watch how quickly the time goes by, iv found that if I’m concentrating on something else I cycle further than planned.

Iv done 10 mins already..

When I did my online shop last week, I saw some Barley Sugar Sweets and though ohhh yummy I haven’t had them for years, il get some to suck on when I get that sweet craving.. Oh how disappointing they were, I checked the nutrition panel and above that the description.. LEMON flavour hard boiled sweets… I was gutted, I was so excited for the Barley Sugar that I so wanted, if I wanted lemon sweets I would have ordered lemon sweets…

15 mins in and a knock on the door, I’m sure the postman used to be a policeman he certainly knocks like one lol.

I’m going to brave the shops again today, Im guessing the river will be either really quiet or it’s going to be full of tourist, as I live in a tourist area, not really sure how I feel about being around a large number of people but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ekk.

I did a total of 26 mins today the most I have ever done with the last 3 mins at quite a high intensity for me, I needed to come back to the laptop to edit this blog, due to having acrylics on its quite hard to type on my phone and most words do not make sense ha ha, but im getting used to typing with the pads of my fingers lol.

Right my wonderful friends I’m going to wash and have breakfast then head out for a few bits that I need, I hope you have a wonderful day with whatever your doing, keep safe keep well and I’ll be back soon. xoxoxo

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