Water running down the stairs, Feeding the Ducks, A lovely walk, and the shopping trip from hell in Lidl.

You can all breathe a sigh of relief, I had started to write a rant about my shopping experience in Lidl today, but thought I had better stop or I would still be here at christmas writing it, so all im going to say on the matter was that there were only 4 members of staff in, doing an amzing job,it is a very large store, and it was a total free for all, 2 people stacking shelves 2 people on the till, to cope with the vast amount of people in there, no social distancing by 90% of the customers, and looking on Lidl GB facebook it seems to be an ongoing problem with there stores, I for one will not be going back in there until they implement safe shopping again, the other 2 shops that we have in town manage to implement safe shopping, so why can’t a big company like Lidl do it? *Rant over*…

Apart from the horrendous shopping trip I haven’t really done much today, I did my bike workout and had a short walk along the river, there were many people about, more than I expected but they were courteous and kept to the social distancing rules.

I took a few slices of bread with me incase i was lucky enough to spot some ducks, just what was needed to ooh and ahh over lol, and also found a pink orchid.

Finally got my cream and tablets from the pharmacy, im praying they kick in over the weekend, as I have had this rash for the best part of the year, over the last week it seems to be spreading rather rapidly and is so itchy, my whole body is so itchy but that could possibly be from my liver as well, oh well we shall just see how I get on by Monday, the cream and tablets are suppose to reduce the inflammation within a couple of days.

I managed to get some batteries for my scales not easy to buy button batteries in a small port lol, I had fruit and yogurt this morning and beans on toast for my lunch, for tea we had take out, I had 4 prawn balls and some prawn toast, I took my own advice lol by eating and chewing slowly that I didn’t eat the rice as I was rather full, I’m quite shocked at that as im the one that finishes off my own meal and any leftovers from the others, so I feel very proud of that, so that’s my day off instead of sunday, I don’t feel that I should not let the others have a take out when they want one, because im on a ‘diet’, but I have noticed I am extremely thirsty and drank an awful lot since eating, im guessing the food is very high in salt.

As usual I was bursting for the loo, I open the door panting away thinking I just need another burst of energy to get me upstairs, when Olivia screams ‘Help’ there’s water all running down the stairs, chucking my walking sticks to the ground I run towards the stairs thinking she has left the plug in the bath ( our bath is not connected to an overflow pipe), to be greeted with water running down the stairs….

She got me…..LOL….

It’s now Friday night and it’s my TV night, all the Chicagos, Med, Fire & PD. I want to wish you all a wonderful rest of the day, please smile, stay safe and be happy XOXOXO

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Good Night My Friends.

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