A productive day. Good food. Diary food entry. Fighting the fatigue.

Good Evening World.

I hope you all had a lovely day or those that are just beginning there day I hope you have an awesome day.

I think I can say that I have had a rather productive day, only did one 15 mins session on the bike, my thighs are rather sore from yesterday lol, did you know we had muscles in our thighs? umm I think I may have forgotten….lol…

I made some fruit ice cubes to pop in my water bottle, I have to say the fun part of it was trying to carry the trays across the kitchen and pop them in the freezer without spilling any water, it took be back to my childhood days, when your mum asked you to make ice cubes, and your body was so stiff and you walked with a weird stiff waddle doing your best not to spill any water haha.

I prepped a couple of fruit boxes and jellies for today and tomorrow and the veggies for tomorrow’s dinner although I’m not sure what im having with them yet. The bowl in the pic is fruit marinating for tonight’s desert, plums, pears & an apple soaking in honey with mixed spices, I will serve this stewed over a bowl of fat free greek yogurt and crushed meringues.

I then went on to prep tonights tea/dinner. I made halloumi and fruit skewers, with diced pork steak cooked with red onions, mushrooms, aubergine and courgettes, plenty of mixed herbs, garlic, salt & pepper, white wine and light soft cheese to make it creamy.

After the prep which took me the best part of 3 hours, oh I remember the days it took me half hour to prep, now it’s just Zzzzzzz’s.. lol..I then headed up to bed for a few hours, and slept rather deeply, I woke up still rather exhausted, im quite sleepy tonight so im holding out hope that its not my body saying STOP… I don’t want to stop iv had a really good week. So if you don’t hear from me for a few days im in bed…, but that’s fine, as you regular reader know Im have a daily battle with my body and sometimes I have to let it win…., but only sometimes lol.

I’m not going to make plans for tomorrow I think I’ll just play it by ear….. I think….lol…

So I don’t have anything exciting to tell from today it’s just been food… food… food…. oh goodness I love my food hahah… can you tell lol…

I’m going to go and have a wash and pop on clean jammys, umm now which ones to wear today? it’s not like pajamas have become the staple of my wardrobe now decisions decisions decisions ha ha.

Have a wonderful rest of your day, if you enjoy my ramblings please hit the star like button and don’t forget to hit me up with the follow button, thank you so much.

Good night please sleep well, stay safe and smile xoxoxoxo

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