Stationary Bike Sore Bum Advice Please, I feel as though I am being Electrocuted. Morning Diary Entry.

Good morning peeps.

It’s a bit dull outside this morning, so I have decided to food prep for the next couple of days and maybe make the last few squares for my blanket, although I’m not in a crochet mood so il see how I feel later about that.

Goodness I have muscles in my thighs… I’d forgotten they were there, so I’m not sure how long il last cycling into outer space, and also a little drowsy today but I have been expecting that, I’m shocked how much my body has let me do this week so il take advantage of it lol.

I’m thinking for tea il maybe make some cheese and fruit skewers, but I can’t decide if I want fish or chicken or pork with it, maybe pork I haven’t had it in a while umm decisions decisions..

Cycling Advice and Pain Advice Please.

Does anyone have any advice on how to stop getting a sore bum while I’m cycling?, all the extra padding I have doesn’t help lol,and the pain when I release the pressure when getting off the bike is an umm ahh silent squeal lol.

Also this happened last week a few times and in the past, right now I’m feeling as though I have been electrocuted from my bum up my back, as though I have pinched a nerve, but if it was a nerve would I not feel it all the time?, it is different to my normal pain, ie, it’s a new pain, I’m trying to keep good posture incase its something to do with also, does anyone have any idea what it could possibly be? and advice would be gratefully received.

Iv only done 15 mins this morning on the bike, but that is only due to pain, I think if I had less pain today I could certainly have carried on.

So folks I’m going to let you get on with your day, il have a quick rest and then head to the kitchen, please stay safe, happy and have a wonderful rest of your day XOXOXO

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  1. Do you have the padded bike short things? they have padding on the bum on the bits where the saddle goes, they help me when I am brave enough to get on a bike!
    I am not sure about the electrocution feeling…but they help with general pain…


    1. No I havnt, iv not heard of them but will get on the Internet now and have a look, abs hope they do big sizes lol, anything that helps would be great lol, thanks

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      1. They are really worth it…really strange to wear but worth it I got min on amazon…
        you can get padded pants too

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Brilliant thanks im going shopping now lol

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