Weekly Charts eekkk. A Good Food Day, but very tired.

Good Evening all, I hope you’ve all had a good weekend?

It’s starting to cool off up here in the north a bit, we’ve even had a bit of drizzle today, I’m hoping it pours down for two reasons, firstly because they say a good rainfall and storm clears the air, and secondly at least more people will stay in for just a bit longer, and also there’s nothing nicer than having a duvet day while its cold and wet outside.

I haven’t done any exercise today I’m not really feeling up to it, I’m quite tired, but I felt that coming on yesterday anyway and Iv had a little bit of a headache, so I think a day off is ok, im surprised and happy with the effort that I have put in this week.

Today has been a rather lazy day, I went to bed this afternoon for a couple of hours, but just tossed and turned, I really could not get comfortable at all, I’ve just taken my evening meds with an extra painkiller and I don’t think they will take long to work, pray I sleep for a good few hours.

Iv taken screenshots of my weekly myfitnesspal app, it will show that im not eating much as it is only set to a low calorie deficit but I do allow myself 1500 calories a day, Iv managed to change the deficit to 1430, which will definitely help me then I don’t need to keep adding up an extra 300 in my head, maths was not my fortay lol.

Iv given up weighing myself at home my scales are either plus or minus in a range of about 8 lbs and I’m sure I dont put on 8lbs overnight lol, so I will just wait until i get a visit with the nurse when this lockdown is over, for now im going off my clothes, on thursday I did manage to put on a pair of pants that I couldn’t get over my bum 2 weeks ago, so Im guessing Im going in the right direction.

I decided to change my username on here from shrinking gina, as even though I am shrinking at a small pace, I think my battle is really with the demons in my body, and the fight that I have to fight everyday with it, it just seemed a bit more apt, what do you think?.

Onto the nitty gritty daily food intake. Food has been really good today, iv had my normal yogurt, honey & fruit, for lunch I had a cucumber and light philadelphia sandwich with a few sweet chilli crackers and a coconut and vanilla yogurt, snacks were a fruit box I prepped yesterday and a mini breyers ice-cream pot.

Dinner. Before I went for my nap I prepped some veggies (I’d done a few yesterday) and marinated them in a mix of balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, wholegrain mustard, ketchup and honey and a good sprinkle of garlic, mixed herbs, salt & pepper.

The veggies were, cauliflower, broccoli, chantenay carrots, courgette, aubergine, red onion & mushrooms, they tasted better than they look on the pic, the veggies were stained brown lol, I fried them up using fry light while the fish cooked in the oven.

We had rainbow trout seasoned with salt, pepper a little garlic, oregano and dill, topped with lime slices and baked in the oven, it was lovely and made a difference using limes instead of lemons.

Weekly Food Charts: I’m quite happy with them.

I didnt think my meds would take long to kick in tonight, I’m now very sleepy so will wish you all goodnight and sweet dreams, iv now got to contemplate crawling up 2 flights of stairs ha ha. XOXOXOXO

Thank you if you got this far down the blog 💖 😴

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  1. Liz says:

    I love rainbow trout. Only had it once or twice. But I do love it. I just not had the opportunity to have it again.

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    1. Hi Liz, nice to see your back, if you have an Iceland shop near you, they have a really good deal on fish at the moment any 3 for £10, there’s 4 pieces of fish per back and really good size fillets,I don’t have one near me, but the store a few towns away is delivering here, and it’s free delivery if you spend £35 or more,, Just thought Id put all the details in incase you do have one, also if there’s no delivery slot when you log on, keep refreshing the page as they release slots throughout the day, if there are no slots available when you log on, just add the items you want to your basket and when the slot is available your ready to checkout

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      1. Liz says:

        Yes, the last time I had it was buying it from Iceland on those deals. Where I live now, would involve a bus ride to next town to shop in Iceland. So with current situation, that’s a no go. But even if this situation with virus wasn’t happening, I don’t go to shop in next town, now I have left it.
        I don’t plan to do an online shop with them, because of my budget I have. But thank you for the tip when it comes to shopping online.

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