Just saying Hi. Very Fresh Fish.

Good evening everyone, I hope you all had a lovely day and are enjoying the sunshine if you have it.

I’m stuck indoors, Doctors orders, along with a carrier bag!! of meds….which is typical now that it’s going to be 25+ for the weather this weekend, just great when you have a temp, hopefully it will be fully down in the next few days, so I can at least have a little time sat in the garden, although I am still exhausted I have managed to sit downstairs today, and watch crap television, iv done a little bit of crochet just some joining I dont have the energy to concentrate on a pattern at the moment.

Anyway I thought I would pop on here and say hi, and to show you the wonderful catch we got today, fresh from the sea this morning from one of the local trawlers, I can’t wait to put my next order in, we got 2 kilos of Langoustine, 2 Brill and 2 Skate wings, for a meal for both of us we will only need 1 of each to share. I had forgotten just how wonderful the smell and taste of fresh fish is, and boy i’ve missed my Langoustine.

In a large stock pot I melted a bit of butter, with some garlic and herbs and lightly fried off some chopped onion and mushrooms, poured in some white wine, and a good blob of light philly soft cheese, brought to the boil and then added the Langoustine, stirring well to coat and cook all the Langoustine, and bloody enjoyed 2 big bowl fulls with some bread and butter to soak up the sauce.

So folks that’s me ready for bed, just need to check my wardrobe to decide which of my Pjs to wear tonight haha.

Please Stay Well, Stay Safe and Stay Home… if you really don’t need to go out, I’ll be back in afew days to say hi again, take care everyone. XOXOXOXO

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