Taking the Covid-19 test/ My week of worry.

Good morning everyone hope you are all keeping well, and go on to have a wonderful day.

So for those of you who follow me will know that I recently wrote about a rash that I have had, and how I possibly had a reaction to the meds given to me, and that I wrote about a crash (PEM) after exercise, which given my health issues made perfect sense to me… How ill I felt was just another normal day, why would I think any different right..

What I haven’t said is just how ill I have been, it’s not been a very good week at all, I really thought I was just have a major crash from doing to much.

Iv been in touch with my GP regularly this week, my coughing and breathing not good at all but well enough to be at home, my temperature through the roof even lying on the bed under the huge fan I have has not been able to bring it down, expect for yesterday I felt a bit better, and my temp had come down, and I managed to sit in the garden for a little while.

But my rash has come back with a vengeance in other places also to the previous time I had it a few weeks ago, but this was enough for my GP to think that it is a Covid-19 rash, she thinks I may have had it previously and that it has come back, as I have a weakened immune system its possible that I have just not been able to shake off the virus completely.

So at 6am this morning I was given the test, I did not like having it done, no it didn’t hurt, but I think it felt scratchy as my throat is still sore, I did gag a lot I do not have a very good gag reflex, it’s certainly something I don’t want repeating.

We are expecting it to come back negative as my onset of symptoms ( that I thought was a crash) are now a week old, and to get a higher chance of a positive result the test needs to be done in the first 3 days.

My Doc has said that even if it comes back negative she is going to put suspected Covid-19 on my notes, so that I can get help straight away if I flare up again in the future and not to think how I’m feeling is probably down to my illnesses, I’m to treat them as suspected Covid until we know otherwise.

So this week has been a bit worrying and a testing time for myself, just another 48 hours to wait, but depending on the results of the test, means I have had to seriously think about my life choices even more so until Covid is eradicated, I have a real fear now of going out in the future, and its so sad that I feel this way.

I believe that I have taken every step possible to protect myself when I have gone out, and yes I feel angry that the few times I have been out, Iv stuck to the social distancing rules, Iv gone into town the long way around by walking down the river where if your lucky you will see a handful of people as opposed to going through the town center where there are more people, Iv qued patiently sticking to the guidelines upon waiting and entering the shop ( there’s only 3 shops I go in) what angers me more so now is the fact that other shoppers don’t respect your personal space, or think the rules are stupid or do not apply to them, and think shopping is a free for all, when are we going to learn that social distancing is now a new way of life and that its here to stay for the foreseeable future?

I do feel more relaxed now that I have been able to write about this, and share my feelings with all you wonderful friends, and that I have had a test whatever the outcome.

I feel that I am now able to get back to my hopefully daily posts, whatever random chat I come out with lol.

Please enjoy your day, and if you don’t need to go out, please stay at home, stay safe and take care xoxoxo

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  1. I really hope you haven’t got/had it and are feeling better!

    I get so angry shopping, I follow rules and wait in supermarket isles until there is enough space to get what I want, but people just barge past and fill the gaps I leave and block spaces without a care! I live with an at risk person so I hate the fact that I could take it back home with me and there are people just ignoring and flouting the rules because it is a bit inconvenient 😦

    I have to admit I have told a few people off and growled at others… yes actually growled!

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    1. Yes I’m with you on the growling I too have done that and also swore, coz they have wound me up so much, I just don’t understand the mentality of some people, I’m feeling much better today, just the cough is a pain, and now and again I breathe a bit heavier, so I’m enjoying a bit of sun in the garden now. Lol

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  2. Liz says:

    That’s what gets me too, seeing others not respecting distance and other guidelines.
    I go to work and shop. That’s it. My walk is when I walk to and from work, both morning and evening, Monday to Friday. Shopping, I have managed to keep to once a week these past few weeks and that’s how I want to keep it from now on. Even when and if it’s over.

    May you recover more and be on the mend.

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    1. Thank you, feeling loads better today,sat in the garden for a bit. It has certainly scared me into not going out at the moment and as you say I will also be observing distance rules when it’s over, just a shame others don’t feel the same.

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  3. jmarie1974 says:

    Ah hun! What a worrying time! X

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    1. Sorry Im late replying bit a shit few weeks, hope your all keeping well

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