A gorgeous day and lovely fresh fish and courgette chips.

Good evening world.

I hope this finds you all good and as well as well can be.

I’m starting to feel much better I just need to get strong enough again to get back on the bike I can honestly say I have missed being on it, and the fact that i’ve only worn my shorts once on it… is a bit saddening. Still have a slight cough which is more annoying than anything else, a slight headache and just now and again I have to control my breathing, but think iv got as under control as best I possibly can.

I decided to have a day in the garden today, sat out for a while yesterday but jeez it was hot, we are just not used to the heat here in the UK like this are we?.

At least there was a slight breeze every now and again, which was welcome but could have done with a bit more breeze, I soon fixed that… I’m sure you can work out from the photo how I rectified the situation… 🤣🤣🤣.

Keeping cool on a sunny day lol

Today I cooked one of the Brill that we got from the boat the other day, it was yummy, I made some courgette chips to go with it, so in a way fish and chips.

The orange reflection is my vest top lol.
Brill, prepped with Dill, salt & Pepper and a few slices of lemon, left to marinate in the fridge for a few hours before cooking.

I have had quite a bit of ice cream today, one because its hot and I needed cooling and two well I think I deserve it after the week we have had, and also as one was a cinnamon ice-cream that I haven’t had before, it was also dairy free, it wasn’t bad, but not one that I would say go out and get me more, if its there Il eat it but not on my top list.

I’m not yet back to counting calories and weighing out my food, that will come once im much more stronger and have the energy and attention span to give to it, I’m not worried about it and certainly am not going to stress myself over food, Iv more important things to give my energy to at the moment.. Like waiting for the text or e-mail to tell me its ok for me to go back out.

But in all honesty I am quite worried about heading back out down the road, I need to seriously think that although my anxiety sometimes stops me from going out, I can’t have this added stress of the virus keeping me in the house. If you put me on the spot and say ok we’re going out now, I would probably have a mini meltdown, at least with a few days notice I can prepare myself , yeah sure I will panic but I’m more than likely to go out with you, what I need to do when I’m feeling more rational is to have a talk with myself.

Ok folks I need to get back to being more positive, so I will shut my brain up now lol.

Tomorrow is going to be another nice day here, so I will make the most of it, be lazy and regain my strength I have a holiday to prepare for hopefully in around 10 weeks, I’ll stick to the hope that it is still going ahead, yeah I will be disappointed if I don’t get to go but il be fine with it, and it will just give me another year to buy more new clothes…. ha ha.

Please have a wonderful rest of your day, stay safe, stay well and smile, someone, somewhere is thinking of you, take care my friends, Goodnight. XOXOXO

Image from google.

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