A huge task ahead but feeling somewhat motivated. Varying dress sizes. Diary Entry.

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are all good.

So another week has begun, another week to try and change my way of thinking, iv been put back on HRT as there was a noticeable difference to my mood earlier this year, im hoping it kicks in soon.

Last week i did a bit of online shopping to try and lift my mood, it didn’t really work, but if my items had arrived today it would have been ok.

The dresses that i ordered where either to small or to big there wasn’t a perfect fit, although they ranged from a 16 to a 20 uk size.

Depending on the style and fabric i buy to accommodate my boobs, as soon as I win the lotto im having a reduction and lift lol.

Sizing of clothing is ridiculous and I know this, but in my frame of mind last week i couldn’t comprehend this, note to self…Do not buy clothes when you feel like crap…urmmm Im sure iv said this many times before…lol..

I have kept 1 dress that i have fallen in love with, and although i can’t zip it up i’m keeping it, i’m going to use this dress as a goal.. however long it takes.

A huge task ahead.

I also think to keep me motivated iv popped a pic of the back of me in the dress and will follow up with progress pics, maybe getting it out there will give me the push i need to keep going, Why not just buy a much bigger dress I hear you say, I need something to focus on, something to keep me going, and even if it takes me till next year I WILL get into this dress.

I have now done 21 mins on the bike and i need to peel myself off it, gosh this bit hurts ha ha i walk like iv been riding a horse for a week lol.

Ok iv now wobbled to the kitchen, im thinking of doing a trio of grilled fish with veggie chips for tea/dinner, i haven’t decided which fish to cook yet though, tune in later to see what iv made.

Image from google

So folks im off for a nap, iv agreed that I will not push myself while I’m still recovering from whatever was wrong with me, Il check in with you later to bring you whatever Iv decided to do with the fish.

Enjoy the rest of your day xoxoxoxo

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