Trying on dresses. Food diary entry 09/06/20 Chit Chat.

Hello lovely peeps.

How are you all today?, as well as well can be I hope?

The day has sort of been an odd day in regards to time, I went back to bed at lunch time, although I tossed and turned sweating under the fan I was convinced that it was at least late evening around 7-8pm when I started to awake, it was only 3.30pm I felt rather confused probably due to the heat ( I struggle to regulate my temperature sometimes ), I also thought that I should give my Mother a call as I hadn’t spoken to her in a while, she passed quite a few years ago, that was strange along with my dream, the only thing I remember is crashing waves, like I said a very odd day, but hey at least im smiling today lol.

Yesterday I ordered 3 dresses that arrived today, a pink one in a size 22, the only size they had, a peach one in sizes 18, 20 + 22 and an orange one also in sizes 18, 20 + 22, all from the same online shop.

The pink size 22 was crushing I felt like I was being shrink wrapped and it was definitely made for someone who is 7ft tall, Neil is 5’9 and it was much longer than him haha, so that didn’t leave me much hope for the sizing of the other 2 dresses.

The peach dress 1 settled for the size 20, the only thing is that it is backless and the shoulder straps do not stay up, so I have ordered some of that invisible elastic that is used on invisible bra straps and I’m going to create a cross over on the back from the shoulders to waist to hopefully keep them in place and not startle anybody by inadvertnly flashing unsuspecting people. 😂 🙈.

The orange dress I settled for the size 18, its a little big but im sure I can get it to fit me correctly, also another backless but at least this one the straps stay up so no fear of any accidents lol.

So thats 3 dresses from 1 store in 3 sizes and only 1 was just right about right, the other way to big and the 3rd style the smallest one was a little on the large side, so as I said yesterday, dont buy clothes when your feeling down and your brain is not working logically, but Im happy with the dresses iv chosen., now Il wait for my holiday to wear them.

Onto the food diary for the day, its not been a bad food day, I must say, the only thing that I didn’t calculate was some chicken pasta soup that olivia made from scratch, I only had half a bowl and it was extremely yummy, she is an excellent cook far better than myself or her father who is a trained chef, she could definitely give some chefs a run for there money, Olivia just tends to through things together and see how they turn out and always it is yummy, her cookies are to die for totally melt in the mouth.

Breakfast I had a large bowl of watermelon and a packet of baby apple rice cakes, Im just gutted they took the cinamon out of them they were much tastier.

Lunch which was around 4pm due to being in bed was a bowl of greek yogurt with honey and some chopped strawberries.

Dinner ( which I prepped this morning) was a fillet of salmon with roasted veggies of baby potatoes, carrots, green beans and cauliflower seasoned with garlic, herbs, salt & pepper and sprayed with butter frylight, just before the end of cooking I poured over my sticky dressing sauce for the last few minutes of cooking to give a lovely glaze, we also had creamy mushrooms and leeks, it was all very nice, and I have to say my best roasted veggies yet.

Snacks After my scrub and Pjs are on i will be having a portion of sweet chilli crackers and 2 mini pots of light philadelphia cheese, and possibly some fruit, I havnt decided yet.

For exercise, Iv only done 15 mins on the bike this evening, I’m definitely not an evening exercise girl lol, it seemed to be very hard work, but I have always been a morning kinda person, I like to get things done as soon as im up, well after a couple of cups of coffee ha ha, I suppose im lucky really in the fact that I can drink as much coffee as I like and it has no effect on me expect on my bladder, a lot of people drink tea and coffee to stay awake, but with my illness it has no effect if I’m going to fall asleep im asleep lol.

Well folks that’s about it for my day, I haven’t really done anything exciting at all, my mood is improving so that’s good, or maybe I shouldn’t say that I will probably just jinx myself knowing my luck haha.

So I shall bid you all a good night, and please enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe, stay well and please stay happy and keep smiling, even when everything around you is collapsing its not forever you can climb back up again, believe me I know 💖 xoxoxo

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