Diary Entry. Front Bottom! Problems (any female cyclists out there?) Pointless Endless Chat…

Good evening to all my friends inside my bubble.

Hope you are all as well as can be expected.

Again another dreary day here in the wonderful UK summer lol, well actually I suppose its normal summer weather for us, the heat we had a couple of weeks ago is now just a distant memory of an unusual but much wanted surprise, I’m sure that we will get some sun back soon, although today was rather chilly, and as I sat on my sofa clutching my hot mug of hot chocolate it felt just like winter, but it was a nice feeling, I do like all the seasons we have just wish my body did haha.

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The baby gulls have started to leave the nest, once they are a bit closer to the edge I will take some pics of them, they are so tiny and fluffy, very cute at this stage until they start whistling and I can no longer sleep with my window open, I need to choose names for them there parents are called syd and sydney, any suggestions anyone?

I’m back sorry just needed to go and make another hot choc, I must go out and get some highlights though, I’m not sure what options have done to their recipe but it’s just big slimy glugs of jelly now, and however much I stir and squash with the spoon they just don’t dissolve, I dread it when I look at a food package and it says ‘New improved recipe’ you just know its not gonna be, leave things alone that are not broken……

I managed to lie in again this morning, so im pleased about that, just need a night with a lie in that I don’t wake up during ha ha.

Although laughable this is a problem and I will try to put it as politely as possible, hopefully some of you female cyclist can help me out here.

As some of you know I recently invested in a pair of padded cycling shorts, which are really great to help with the pain in my rear and my lower back and enable me to stay on the bike longer, they don’t take all the pain away but they certainly help, my problem is my ‘front bottom‘ with the friction from cycling Im swelling like crazy, the swelling lasts for around 30 mins to an hour, and boy it hurts to have a wee, after the swelling has gone down, everything is fine, but ouch, if Id been riding a cowboy then fine I’ll put up with it, but not a darn bicycle saddle lol, anyone any suggestions? I tried today cycling with my legs sort of bent out, but its not practical and gosh do I really have inner thigh muscles!!!! lol.

Food wise today i’ve sorted of snacked until tea time, iv munched away on sweet chilli crackers with light philadelphia, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, oranges and a small sandwich, for tea tonight, I didn’t really feel like cooking and I had’nt prepped anything today, so I just threw a few things together and hoped for the best, in less than 20 mins I had a wonderful sweet coconut prawn noodle dish, It went down well so I will definitely be making it again, but adding a few extra bits into it.

My exciting day!… We watched the Rim Of The World on netflix it was rather funny and worth a watch, I did 20 mins on the bike and then a further 5 minutes this evening while Neil did my hair after my shower, that’s when I concluded that the shorts really do help, my ass was rather sore just sat peddling lightly for 5 mins.

We’ve currently got Crawl on at the moment but I can’t seem to get into it, hence while im on here boring you lovely people with endless pointless chat lol.

I’ve recorded My Greek Odyssey tonight, so think I will pop that on after they’ve finished with this film, as you know I love Greece so will look forward to watching it, just hope it’s great.

As for tomorrow well let’s see what the weather holds, I would like to attempt to pop out to the shop and get a few bits, especially if this weather is here to stay for a while, iv run out of my sweet chilli crackers and im running low on philly, also to get a decent hot choc to curl up on the sofa with, if the weather is bad i’ll send Neil out and I’ll have another go at fake tanning, i’ve got a new one and done a test patch so hopefully I dont break out with this one, fingers crossed.

I will bid you all a good evening, please enjoy what is left of your day and have an awesome, happily filled one Good night xoxoxo

If you have made it all the way to here! thank you 💖 please hit the Star⭐ Button and Like, and hit me up on that ➡ Follow Button, sometimes I’m funny sometimes I’m miserable but hey it would be a bit boring if we were the same all the time… ❤💕

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  1. Liz says:

    For the front bottom, I have never really had this issue myself.
    But I do remember when my back bottom felt tender after first riding, which went off after about 5 days of cycling.

    For the front bottom, my first thought is, do you have your exercise bike set up properly?
    When I once owned an exercise bike, my seat could be moved forwards or backwards. I don’t know if all exercise bikes can be adjusted like this, but you will know if you can by looking directly under the saddle.
    But before you do that, check your height is ok first. When you cycle and one of the peddles is at the lowest point while you are sat on your bike with feet on peddles, that leg on the lowest peddle should still be in a bent position slightly. If you don’t have this and instead for example your leg is straight, then seat a little too high.
    Once you know you have height sorted, then move your seat forward or backwards to suit, so you are not stretched out while cycling. Your arms should be bent a little.

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    1. Good Morning Liz, yes thank you the bike is set up correctly, I only have the problem when im wearing the padded cycling shorts, without them no swelling, Iv decided that when the shops are back to normal in a few months we will pop into the city and go to the sports shops and have a look at the shorts in person, I brought these online and to be honest the padding doesn’t sit comfortably between the legs, having not brought any previously I’m not sure where the padding is supposed to be, so i’ll just use them for now carefully, Iv looked online for a solution but all I can find is stories regarding women’s swollen vulvas but no solutions, or I could just be one of the unlucky ones, who gets this problem that would be typical for me lol

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      1. Liz says:

        Good morning.
        I have never used padded shorts, so I don’t have experience there. Probably best for you not to wear until you have had a look at these type of shorts in person, like you plan to do.
        When I have seen padded shorts worn by people, I have only seen what looks like padding on the bum area. But if there is padding for other areas, I’m not aware.

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