Cycling into outer space 🚴‍♀️and General Chit Chat.

Good morning world.

I hope this finds you all well and the beginning of  week has so far been good to you.

I’m sat here cycling into outer space, puffing away lol i’ve gone up a level on the tension and jeez I’m sweating, but am I working harder? Or is it just because it very close today?

Let’s say the former so it makes me feel better ha ha. Goodness iv actually built up a sweat lol.

Oh my thighs, if I continue like this I’m gonna have legs like a flamingo lol.

Yesterday I popped to the shops and it wasn’t to bad, have people gone back to work? Or did they go to the cities now they have reopened the shops? Either way I felt a lot more relaxed, the good weather certainly helped it was lovely outside even when the heavens opened about 4pm ish it was still quite warm, I managed a little walk, but I was quite sore so im putting that down to wearing sliders instead of my trainers, therefore I had not shock absorbent between the ground and my lower back, I’ll keep those as a fashion accessory and definitely not for walking in.

For tea we shared a skate wing, a couple of lemon soles and a brill, with bread and butter, hence why I need to do a bit more exercise today to work off the butter…

For tonight we have another bag of Langoustines that need eating, there was no room in the freezer its a bit full of fish… I will cook them the normal way in wine and soft cheese, I’m not sure on lunch yet, I can’t decide between a chickpea salad or just a plain salad or fruit and yogurt or soup, oh the decisions we have to make hahaa.

Its starting to dull over a bit outside but still quite muggy, I may just stay intoday and do some food prep, and send Neil and Jim shopping, just incase it rains, I’ll let the men get wet instead.. lol..

I may try the dress on today I know it’s only been a week but if there’s no change am I going to be dissapointed? or should I leave it for another week, most of the exercise I do is lower body I’ve just realised so I think I should be looking at upper body workouts to.

Ok folks im going to go and shower and get out of these clothes and do some food prep, Il check back in with you soon, have a wonderful rest of the day, with lots of smiles and love, take care everyone xoxoxo

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