Maryport Cumbria Uk. A little about the area that I live in.

Hello everyone out there in the big wide world, good evening to you all.

If you feel comfortable saying may I ask where your all from?, I’m from the Northwest of England, I live in a small fishing port known as Maryport, Just outside of the Lake District.

Although I was not born here, Maryport has been my home for the past 12 years, I was conceived in the Falkland Islands, where all my siblings were born and raised, my family arrived in the UK in late 19696 when I was born, I was born in Wiltshire, and Lived in Kent till I was about 5-6 years old, I was then raised in Manchester and am finishing my older! lol years in Cumbria in a sleepy little village, although I say sleepy there is quite a lot that goes on here, it’s just sleepy compared to growing up in a large bustling city, a very different way of life indeed it has been.

The name Maryport was only adopted in the 17th Century when the Lord of the Manor, Humphrey Senhouse, initiated an Act of Parliament to have the town named after his wife, Mary. Coal exports, ship building and the railways came next and were the main drivers of Maryports growth.

Aerial view of Maryport. Bridge over the River Ellen, merging into the Solway Firth, Image from Google.

We have a wonderful dock area, where all the local and visiting trawlers come and have now started selling their wares, it’s wonderful to once again be able to get fresh fish straight from the sea on the same day, and behind the dock is a marina where the local sea cadets practice on the water and visiting boats also moor here.

Maryport is steeped in history there is so much to tell so I will just leave you a couple of links to view in your own time.

Here I have placed a link to the Senhouse Roman Museum and its telling of Maryport and Hadrian’s Wall.

Here I have place a link to Thomas Henry Ismay about his company The White Star line and RMS Titanic.

So here is a little of where I live, I hope you enjoy reading, if you do please hit that like button⭐, lots of love is gratefully received lol, but seriously if you have got all the way here Thank You. 💖

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  1. Liz says:

    Hello. I live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, but originally from next town, Sutton-in-Ashfield.
    Mansfield is my home now.

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    1. One of my sisters lived in Nottingham, I remember visiting as a child. If I remember right is a lovely place

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      1. Liz says:

        It’s a lovely place, yes. It took me some years to get used to walking round there though, with it a busy place.
        I like looking at the buildings when walking round there.

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        1. Sorry for the late reply I fell asleep quite quickly last night.
          I must admit sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of the city other times I’m grateful I can get into places lol

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          1. Liz says:

            I was not long into bed last night after commenting, so don’t worry. Reply when you can.
            I am not a city person. Visiting I am fine with, but not living in one.
            A towns enough for me. 🙂

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  2. It looks lovely there 🙂

    I am originally from Hull, but now live in Horsham West Sussex, and have done for 20 years…there are people who say I am a southerner now… I dispute it!

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    1. lol, Neil says one minute i sound northern, then southern and if im in a mood talking away fast then im a mixture of god knows what with every sentence lol, Iv noticed that a few words are coming out Cumbrian, Olivia is a mix of Manc and Cumbrian lol, I have heard of Horsham but dont think iv ever visited. Maryport does have some lovely scenery, not the best beaches but there usually pretty empty so you can safely distance lol.

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      1. No one thinks I sound northern anymore, except when I say bath or path or some such thing.

        Horsham is a very typical Sussex-y small town, it is a good place to live, we live out away from the town though which is is even better

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        1. I’m slap bang in the middle of town, but it only consists of 1 road really which has your basic shops on and then lidl and B&M on the main road, but there only a few years old, it’s not a bad place to live and the weather is pretty good, I just miss the snow lol

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          1. I have never really liked snow, apart from to look at…
            It barely snows here, and (believe it or not) it didn’t snow that much in Hull. I can only remember 3 times in my whole life that it has snowed enough to be snowed in twice in Hull and once in Horsham.

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            1. I love the snow, I think it’s only snowed twice up here that it has actually stuck, back in Manchester when my other kids were little I would take them sledging in the hills, although I think I enjoyed it more than them lol

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  3. jmarie1974 says:

    Fab post, your place looks lovely 🙂. I’m Northampton born and bred. Nothing much here really, though we have a bit of history (including sub terrainean tunnels and a castle)

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