Good Morning World. Diary Entry

Good morning wherever you are in the world.

Yesterday was a bit hit and miss with the weather, we had a couple of fantasic storms followed by just a few minutes of very heavy rain.

I went back to bed in the afternoon, and woke up so grumpy, no idea why, but I ended up ordering a take away and eating sweets, by about 9pm ish, I had snapped out of it, but the damage had already been done food wise, iv no idea why at all I went in such a downer.

But hey today is a new day, time to start over again, I wonder just how many times I’ve started over. Umm.

I came down stairs just after 6am, after 3.5hrs sleep, sophie decided it was get up time, I kept rolling myself up in the covers so she couldn’t lick me and would go back to sleep, but no, she started licking my head so I gave in and got up with her, she had a mad few minutes running around the house then went out, but this time I was to awake to go back to sleep.

Il just do another few minutes on the bike, then il pop some washing in the machine, and think about trying to get another hour or two of sleep, try and prep myself for the day…

Have a wonderful day everyone, take care, stay safe, and be happy, chat soon peeps xoxoxo.

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