A lovely day but bad food choices, oops. Shopping Seagull?!

Good evening to you all wherever in the world you are.

I hope you are all as good as good can be.

Today has not been a healthy food day, and boy am I suffering for it, My tummy looks as though its about to give birth, but it’s ok I knew what to expect so can deal with it, as its self infliction, it’s only annoying when I eat something new and I really like it, but it doesnt like me…

I went for a walk down to the dock today to get our fish for tea, and it’s the first time in a long time I did not feel anxious, so that’s a really good step forward, fingers crossed its last for a while especially with the hot weather due to return next week.

While stood in the que on the dock, there was a seagull on the boat and just the way it was walking around and peeking over the boxes I thought it was rather funny so took a pic of him, but as usual he flew off as I got my phone out, but it’s ok I found him in town later shopping… I wonder if he got any bargains?..

We bought a couple of skate wings and some whole langoustines, as you can tell I love my prawns oh and my fish to lol, I decided to be-head and devein them just to make it quicker to cook them, so I could do them in one batch, I tried to get Olivia to help me, I said I would take off the heads and showed her how to take the vein out, which is full of sand, I’m glad I did as they definitely tasted better and obviously less sandy when you bite into them.

It was so funny, poor Olivia had tears running down her face at the horror I was asking her todo, she did do a few though, it’s a shame I cant upload videos but then she would probably kill me for uploading the video, im such a bad mum all I could was laugh ha ha.

It was fantastic to find they had finally opened one of the public toilets in town, I purposely didn’t take my morning meds before I went out as (I took them when we got back) 1 of them contains a diuretic and I only had 1 coffee, but my bladder seemed to have forgot that, every bump my chair went over it felt like I had a water balloon in my bladder ready to burst, just jiggling about, that ment that I could now go into town without having to go home first, yay.

The unhealthy part of the day started on the last leg of the journey to home, we came across the chippy and the smell was just making me go in, it had me by the nostrils there was no getting away from it, so we ordered fish and chips with mushy peas and gravy, oh yumm, we only brought one portion and shared it, which I suppose is a bit better than eating one serving each.

For tea, I cooked the tails in some butter with garlic and herbs then poured in a little wine and low fat soft cheese to make a small amount of sauce, to dip the fresh baked bread rolls in, I’m thinking I had better do a good work out tomorrow, I didn’t go on the bike today but did manage a bit more walking and I was rather tired by the time we got home.

Yesterday food was good I made a fish bake with baked feta on top and a side salad, it was very simply to make, I used a cod loin each, a tin of chopped tomatoes, shallots and mushrooms, in a saucepan I added the added the diced shallots and chopped mushrooms and softened them with frylight, when soft I added the tomatoes, a bay leaf, a small cinnamon stick, a few cloves, salt, pepper, mixed herbs, garlic granules and a glug of white wine, usually I use ouzo but iv ran out, brought it all to the boil, then simmered until it reduced.

I placed the cod loins in a baking dish and poured over the tomato mixture and popped it in the oven for 20 mins, then placed some slices of feta cheese on top and baked on a high heat to brown the feta for about 10 mins then turned over the feta and baked for another 10 mins while I prepped the salad, it came in at 303 calories with the cheese, with out about 180 I think.

I feel in a total rambling mood tonight but I won’t subject you to any more especially if you have got this far lol, Thank You.

If you’ve enjoyed what I wrote about please hit that Star Like Button ⭐ and don’t forget to hit me up with a ➡ Follow, sometimes I’m funny, sometimes I’m boring, sometimes Im serious, but hey we would all be boring if we were the same everyday, Thank you for getting this far, and you know what, its nearly weekend !!! have a great weekend with whatever your doing, stay safe, stay well and stay happy xoxoxoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    It’s great to hear you’re feeling more and more confident when going out and about 🙂.

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