Weekend update chat.. New Wheels are Coming….

Good Morning to everyone around the big wide world.

I hope this finds you as well as well can be.

I’m having a treat this morning of a vanilla latte, I love vanilla drinks and cappuccinos but unfortunately being very overweight these contain a lot of calories and sugar so I now only have 1 every now and again.

Had a bit of a slump over the weekend hence why I have been quiet, and iv had tummy ache through the night so a bit of a rough night, I gave up and came down stairs at about 6.30am, that was after Sophie cat woke me up by removing my underwear from drawers, in the bottom drawer I have all my knickers and she spends time opening the drawer and pulling them all out… then she walks away iv no idea why, but… this morning she has also managed to open the drawer above and has now started on my bras… haha.. I would love to know what is going through her mind when she does it..

So the weekend has been rather quiet, iv done some wrapping of Christmas presents! my thinking is that when lockdown is over, the toys that I have already brought can be taken back by there parents and hidden as I don’t really have any storage room, also when the grandkids come to stay they will see them so wrap and hide at home is my thinking lol.

Sunday fathers day, we had a chinese takeaway, and didn’t really do anything, we would probably of gone out to eat but seeing as everywhere is closed we ate in like the rest of the world, the past 3 days all i’ve eaten is mushrooms on toast or beans on toast, I struggle to make healthy food during these slumps, and just go for simple easy and quick foods.

Once all the public sectors are back open were looking at july 4th here, I will be having 3 of my grandkids for a while, as one of my daughters get back into work she has a long list of clients to get through, so the kids are coming to stay with nanna boats and grandad for a while, as daddy has been deployed for a few months and the schools are remaining closed where they live, it’s a long time since ive had 2 toddlers and a teenager for a while, I definitely be needing a holiday haha.

They have brought me present to help me out, so I can take them to the beach and the parks and go out to the shops by myself, to say I am blown away is an understatement, I really didn’t know what to say, I will have my very own powerchair!!! the freedom it is going to give me is just WOW, it changes from electric to manual so that means I can still get out and walk, but I will be able to go out more often.

I live at the top of a hill, so that also plays a part in whether I go out or not, if I would have the energy to get back up the hill to get home, I won’t allow anyone to push me up the hill, now I have no worries about myself or anyone else having to push me, I’ve always hated the fact I have to pushed about, I feel self conscious and disgusted with myself being pushed because of my weight, I feel bad about the struggles I put on others pushing me, especially as its hilly around here, I hate the struggles they face getting me up and down the kerbs, I hate feeling useless and having to rely on others to go out, in fact I can find lots of I hates! but now I will have much more freedom with so much less guilt, that I really can not find the words to express my gratitude, to my daughter, and today I will make my L plates haha.

The sun is due to arrive back at some point this week, so I can get a bit of tanning done in the garden, the blue skies have yet to arrive here, it’s still quite grey and windy out, so if it doesn’t rain in the next couple of hours I will get some washing done and put it, with the breeze it’s good drying out there, Iv a bit of sorting out to do before the little ones arrive, I need to box my yarn and put my sewing machines away out of the reach of the little paws, as im sure they will find it rather exciting, I also need to find a home for my exercise bike, you can guarantee they will want to climb all over it, umm that means I won’t be able to use it for a while, im sure Ill get enough exercise chasing them about haha.

I will leave you for now and go and make another coffee and make a start on making my L plates haha.

Have a great day with whatever your doing, be safe, be happy and il chat soon xoxoxo

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