A great week, with just a little stress thrown in mid week. Having a swim in the sea at last…

Good Morning world from a dull and very windy UK.

I hope your all doing as well as well can be.

Goodness I’ve not been on here for a week, once again time is just flying by us.

Does anyone know where Wednesday went? that is a day I can’t find haha.

As for healthy eating well its been hit and miss, I don’t think I have over eaten to much but I’m also sure that I will not have lost any weight this week, there have been a few incidents of eating chocolate eclair sweets oopss, well they are too good to refuse…

Yesterday (Saturday) was the 1st day that I actually made healthy food and knew that I had stuck within my calorie deficit, so that was a good day, I made a honey and sesame chicken stir fry, it definitely tasted better than it looked, the last few bags of red onions that I have brought have dyed all my food so it doesn’t look very appetising.

All in all its been a good week, with a bit of unwanted stress thrown in ha ha.

As you know I live for my holiday it’s the one thing of the year that gives me something to look forward to, get me out of these 4 walls for a couple of weeks.

Sat in the garden enjoying the wonderful sun that we have had, an email pops up on my phone with an important announcement from Jet2 Holidays, you holiday has been cancelled, What! No! OMG, after last year losing out 5 days before going last year due to TC going under I guess I should have expected it, Il not give you a run down but after 2 hours on the phone the holiday was booked for the day before we were originally traveling so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, I just pray now that Greece allows us in…despite what some reckless people have done bombarding the beaches, I hope they realise that we are not all idiots…

Talking of beaches we decided to go down to ours on thursday and see what it was like, there was plenty of space to social distance, I counted 12! families that were all social distancing, so we just popped along the promenade a bit further to find an empty space, it was fantastic to see all the children playing and laughing, and the group of 4 teenage girls who were having so much fun, it really made my day listening to them, howling with laughter and to the fact they also social distanced themselves from everyone, as the tide was coming in, everyone moved further back while respecting each other, if it had been busy we would have turned around and came back.

Plenty of room to social distance, it goes for quite a while around the bend.

I finally got to go and have a swim, although the water was absolutely freezing, I did go back in 3 times, oh how I’ve missed the sea…but on the 3rd time out I did have to dive and swim under the water for a while, as it’s not a swim if you don’t get your hair wet ha ha.

Neil heading out for a swim while I have a rest.

Before we left to come home I had once last lay in the water to clean the sand from the inside of my beach shoes, I was just enjoying the water lapping around me until neil mentioned I had a visitor, I got up rather quick for me haha.

Hence friday was a sleep day, I was so totally exhausted after my trip out on thursday, but the feeling of malaise was so worth it, and by about 10pm I was starting to come around and feel a tad more human.

My anxiety in regards to going out, was much much lower than it had been previously, I still had heart flutters and had to take a big gasp every now and again, but I enjoyed my day out, after hearing about the good weather due at the end of last week, I was able to prepare myself mentally for the possibility of going out and I think because it was my idea it made it easier.

My new wheels arrive next week around the 6th July so I have made myself some L plates to put on my chair, they are going to be needed I just hope I don’t crash to much hahaha.

Well they had to be pink and wearing a tutu or they just wouldn’t be me haha, Iv made them onto a covered pole so I can attach them to the frame of my chair, at least people will see me coming, should I get a bell as well ha ha.

I stayed in yesterday, we only had a bit of rain now and again, it was a case of blink and you miss it, so I just did a bit of work on one of the blankets that im making, I worked on the center of one, and now today to decide what is going on it next, or whether to make some more blocks.

So thats my week in view, not much has happened really, its been great to get out in the sun, I will get back to making some healthy food, I really need to think of new recipes but my brain is still not working properly yet… lol…

Have a wonderful day everyone in whatever you are doing, smile and be happy xoxoxo.

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