Seafood Platter, My little reminder of Zakynthos.

I’ve been feeling a little homesick this week, from the Island of Zakynthos also known as Zante, so thought a fish platter may cheer me up a bit.

Zakynthos is the 3rd largest of the Greek Ionian Islands.

HERE You can find information relating to the church of St Dionisis / St Dennis Church on the harbourfront in Zante town, It is definitely worth a visit here, the link also lists other churches on the island that maybe of interest to you.

Zante town is perfect for shopping in, with its main shopping street Alexander Roma, and is easily accessible wherever you are staying on the Island, by car, taxi, bus a tour or even the land train, a visit to Zante town is a must.

Shop along Alexander Roma in the morning, have a stroll along the harbour front stopping off at one of the many tavernas for a light lunch, or enjoy a wonderful evening meal in the one the town tavernas or restaurants.

The food all over the island is plentiful, the Greeks love to spoil us with there fantastic cuisine, from smaller sharing plates, which is quite the norm or the larger mezes which take it from me are all sharable as we found out the first time, the prices are very good to, on average a set meal for 2 with wine is around 16-20 euros, which will usually have something of everything on from Stiffido, Moussaka, village sausage, cheese pies, salads and more..

To seafood platters for 2 with wine around 20-40 euros, you will usually find, calamari, octopus, prawns, swordfish, tuna, salmon, salads and more..

Getting back to the originality of the post, yesterday morning I sent Neil down to the harbour to get some fish from yesterday’s landin, and said I would create a sort of Greek Seafood Platter with whatever you get, as you will see I sort of went a bit overboard, we had plenty left over for today….

I began the morning by making the dough for the Greek Pitta Bread, then I made the saganaki sauce for the mixed seafood of calamari, mussels and prawns, I was very happy that I managed to find a small bottle of ouzo that I had brought in an ornament one year, as we had ran out.

I prepped the Greek salad, using cucumber, tomatoes sweet onions and feta dressed with feta cheese and olive oil just before serving, I ate the rest for my breakfast/lunch today. I was sure we had some olives but nope couldn’t find them.

I also made a tzatziki dip, you can not eat pitta bread without tzatziki .

Neil returned with some langoustine tails, I cooked some in white wine and garlic, the others I roasted with garlic butter to try and recreate that bbq effect.

Skate wings I coated these with seasoned flour and fried them in a little oil.

Gurnard I roasted these with a little garlic and herb butter and a little wine in the oven.

Squid I sliced and made a salt and pepper batter and deep fried them, the Octopus I only had tinned, rinsed well and cooked in the same batter.

I sliced some halloumi and cooked on the griddle pan with a balsamic and honey dressing.

I’m just glad I didn’t make a desert, if I hadn’t of been so tired and gone to bed I probably would of…

Please enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe and happy xoxoxoxo

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