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Good evening all, hope this finds everyone as well as well can be.

It’s been quite a while since iv been on here, since the kiddies arrived its been a bit bedlam lol but for good reasons, I forgot just how much hard work little people are, how on earth did I do it all those years ago… I had 5 kids 2 jobs and on my own, but the housework and shopping and homework was all done, i must have been biotic in my earlier years haha, now 2 little ones are tiring me out, iv almost got tea time down to a fine art, now I say almost!!!, I still have 2 more weeks to perfect it until they go home….

Unfortunately the weather has been pretty crap since they arrived, we’ve only had 1 day on the beach and 1 day in the garden where it was warmish enough to put out a little paddling pool, the rest of the time it has rained.

Toast in the garden please Nanna…

Neil has been taking them out to the shops in there cart.. which we have now had to knock on the head as the little one can climb out of her seat belt and keeps trying to climb out mid walk, talking on wheels my new ones have arrived, I definitely need a few more lessons yet before I even attempt to go out on my own, it really doesn’t like the hills we live on as they are at an angle and iv had to jump out a few times as it just won’t go where I want it to go, Il get around to putting up some pics when the little ones have gone home, so for now little miss is firmly strapped into her stroller to go anywhere, there is a 3rd child but being 13 we can leave her to her own devices, and she can feed herself when she wants it lol.

The cats are not to happy with having little children about they really don’t like them, spooky has resorted to hiding upstairs, he never goes up stairs and sophie well she is in bed with me every night, as soon as I get in bed she’s there’s right between my legs, and as soon as im up seeing to the kids approx every 10 mins!! she’s in my space lol.

Healthy Eating/ Diet What is that? it will be interesting to see if i’ve actually lost any weight I don’t feel as if I have, Iv had 2 salads since they arrived the rest of the time it has been sandwiches grabbed when possible, so hence my tummy is very swollen due to all the bread im eating, but I will have a week for it to go down before my holiday begins.

Ok so that’s my plans of chatting away to you tonight, little miss has just come strolling down the stairs, she can climb out of her cot, Im sure she was houdini in a previous life… at least she has her nappy and clothes on this time, usually she is naked…

I suppose I had better get off here and change the nappy and try and get her back in bed…

Have a wonderful rest of your day and take care, I’ll be back when I can, I will also reply to my notifications when possible, im not ignoring you just don’t seem to have a minute to myself lol and catch up with all your blog posts at some point.. xoxoxo

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Ah, I know what you mean, I don’t remember being in hyper rush mode when my Amy was little, but WOW I just don’t seem to have a moment free when looking after neices 🤣


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