Little people have gone home/update.

Hello everyone, how are we doing?

Goodness it seems like years since i’ve been on here not a few weeks.

The grandchildren have now gone home, we have had lots of laughter, tears and tantrums, the weather has been awful, we only got to the beach once, the times in the day it was dry it was far to windy to go down on to the beach plus being late day the wind was rather chilly.

We managed to get them out for a few walks, although everyday would have been much better, they were so fed up being stuck indoors during the rain, there’s only so many films you can watch and obviously not having a lot of their own toys they became bored very quickly, we did a bit of cake baking and made towers! from blocks and dens.

Last night I couldn’t get to sleep even though I am exhausted I was just laying in bed waiting to hear Nan aaaahhhh ( a very loud prolonged nana) from my grandson and waiting for a little girl who had stripped herself naked and climbed out of her cot run into the bedroom laughing lol.

Do you remember at school many many years ago you would make models from egg boxes and toilet roll tubes? I am now starting a collection for when they next come up, I used to spend hours with my children when they were younger making models and paper mache pigs, I’m definitely going to plan a bit better lol..

My power chair has arrived, although i haven’t been able to put it through its paces yet, it was definitely a godsend with the children here and ment I was able to get out with them more often, iv only had a few crashes haha, I’m just struggling to get around tightish bends but I will get the hang of it.

I’m also able to take the powerchair on the plane so that is a really big help, its means that neil can take both of the cases, I was concerned about how we were going to get me and the cases to the train station then then onto the airport, as this time is only the 2 of us travelling down to the airport.

Iv also managed to book the ramp to get me on and off the trains so I think I will need a bit of practice doing that, task for today find out the width of the train ramps and practice going in a straight line haha.

Weight Loss/Healthy Eating.

Umm well there hasn’t been much of that going on, although i’ve eaten less I have eaten the wrong foods which have probably taken my calorie allowance right over by about lunch time, ( not sure whether to try on the dress umm), its been snached sandwhiches, crisps and ice-cream, endless cups of coffee and cans of pepsi max, we are due to travel in 2 weeks fingers crossed, so im just going to try and detox my body a bit by tucking into some fruit and salads, I will begin properly again when I get back in september.

I have found a great cheap clothing company that ships to most countries which I will do a seperate blog about, its very cheap and the clothes are cheaply made so not the quality you would get in some of the high street shops, but still amazing value, I will also post some pics and a review of some of the items that I have brought.

Yesterday we stripped the beds, washed all the cushion covers ( there white not ideal with little people about) the rug, cleaned all the sticky fingers off all the glass work haha, so now im off to redo the beds while we await the next grandkids arriving saturday, as there teenagers I can pretty much leave them to get on with things.

Im off to re pack my case now and do a few more bits that need doing in the house while the rain is pelting down, tomorrow is suppose to be nice, typical now the little ones have gone home.

I will check in with you all soon, please have a wonderful day and take care of yourselves. xoxoxo

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