The travels begin home to the airport.

Kalispera everyone, I hope you are all having a good day.

The day has finally arrived for my travels

Ready for the off, Leg 1

We are currently on one of the new TPE’s heading down to Manchester Airport, i must say I am very impressed they look lovely and seem very comfortable, im in my chair, so can’t enjoy them, and to be placed in 1st class at no extra cost, well I’m very impressed.

As for travelling during the Covid Pandamic, I feel very safe, on this train, people are spread out well, the cleanliness is top class, assistance has been spot on infact so far I can not find fault at all.

I’m not to sure if I’m shocked or not at the amount of people not wearing masks on the platforms, and it is the older generation and families with teenage children, if the parents can’t wear them then what respect are they teaching there children?, even though there are plenty of signs saying to wear them and to keep a safe distance, which does not mean stand next to me touching my arm….

Carlisle train station is set out very well with a 1 way system in place, which seems to be working well, plenty of safety signage both at eye level and ground level, just need a small minority of people to respect the rules.

2nd Leg Carlisle to Manchester Airport.

Leg 2 of my journey almost completed, the nerves this week with regards to traveling have been horrendous, iv not slept, iv been a grotty mare and boy have I sweated lol.

So I’m feeling so much more relaxed, ‘touch wood’ from what iv read about the airport it will be a breeze, but time will tell.

So for now folks I’m going to get a bite to eat, as il soon be arriving at the airport, then check into the layover Hotel and freshen up.

Take care, speak soon and stay safe xoxoxo

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