Snorkeling fun = lots of pain but so worth it.

Good evening to all you peeps from around the world.

I hope you have had a good day.

We brought the full face snorkel masks from lidl before we came away.

Image from Google.

Wow why have I never brought one before? They are amazing, you can breathe so easy even cough and sneeze as i did expecting the water to fill up the mask but no, not one drop of water leaked in, I spent quite a lot of time swimming so far out around the rocks, following the fish, small, large and enormous ones of many colours, it was amazing out there, im so looking forward to downloading the footage from the camera that was fixed to my snorkel, the screen is far to small to see anything except my hands lol, I pray i had the camera at the right angle.

Unfortunately my joy has been met with excruciating pain, as long as I’m upright I can just about cope, I cant turn or bend painkillers are not really helping.

Being in the sea I was just uncomfortable but upon exiting oh bloody ouch.

But it was totally worth it, just to be free for an hour, to feel normal.

I’m currently sat at the little beach bar that I was at this morning, enjoying a nice cold small glass of wine (I dont normally drink). But think I deserve a little treat before bed.

I will leave you with my view this evening, oh and its still rather hot.

Sleep well everyone, and enjoy the rest of your day xoxoxo

Lights in the distance are Zante Town. The hill in the far distance is the island of Kefalonia.
Still a bit warm!!!

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