Monday morning pool, sunbathing and snorkling.

Hello everybody hope you are all as good as good can be.

Its another glorious day here on the island of Zakynthos.

I began the day with a coffee and orange juice on my balcony before heading down to remezzos beach bar for breakfast, I had a slice of toast and jam, 2 sausages,  2 bacon a few beans and mushrooms and a tomatoe washed down with black coffee and fresh orange juice.

Then a dip in the pool to cool off before relaxing on the sun lounger to cook my extra thick Richmond sausages (legs) for those who don’t know what richmond are lol.

In the background is Neil stood up on the left, bro in law sat down on the right, hadn’t realised they were in it till i loaded this.

Well its a bit to hot to relax on the lounger, so i decided to grab the snorkel mask and head into the sea, i took some stale bread with me for the fish.

View over to Zakynthos Town, the fish were mainly around the rocks.

OMG it was the most amazing experience ever much better than the other day, im hoping I caught it all on my action camera, the battery had died at some point.

The fish were from tiny to enormous and swimming all over me, around my head, legs, arms even taking bread from my hand, it was the most amazing expiernce i have ever had, there were squeals and laughter from me, I cant wait to transfer it to the laptop when I’m back in the UK.

I even manged (totally unware) that I had swam far out to sea, but should have realised after the sea cleared again, but i was so in the moment and so far not much pain, I had googled how to relive back pain while swimming and this has really helped.

Iv scoured google and found a few images of some of the fish I was swimming with, im hoping i can get stills when back home.

So for now guys and gals im going to leave you, and head back to my hotel for a siesta.

Have an awesome rest of your day everyone, take care xoxoxo

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