Back to Reality, Eating well and some holiday pics.

Hi peeps, im finally back after 3 weeks in the sun, and back to cycling into outer space while writing to you wonderful people.

Goodness those 3 weeks passed by way to quick, we had booked to return on the 30th, so i could get just another 10 days of sun into my bones, but alas it was not meant to be, but there’s always another year.

Oh i can tell im back in the UK, going outside this morning as soon as the cold damp air hit me, so did the pain, it’s been great not having so much pain, iv had so much fun swimming in the warm sea, resting on a sunbed allowing all the vitamin D to just be absorbed by my body, iv eaten some wonderful meals, and why does a salad taste so so much better when your on holiday? iv also had a few treats and a couple of cocktails, but i haven’t gone silly.

Seeing the holiday photographs have really opened my eyes to just how bad my weight is, and im feeling more determined than ever now, compared to last years photos the weight gain is phenomenal, i could blame it on depression and lockdown and not being able to get out, but really i could have said NO to myself so no one to blame except for myself, but im not going to dwell on it, im just going to get back on track…again…

We’ve been home almost a week now, and due to tiredness and 1 birthday we have had 3 takeaways!! but no more, I awoke this morning with a great determination.

For Breakfast I had yogurt, honey and fruit.

For Lunch I made a large feta salad with a teaspoon of lemon olive oil on, which I brought back from my holiday, it delish.

For Tea I made a sort of hawaiian chicken dish, i cooked a chicken breast with mushrooms, pineapple, creme fresh and coconut and served it with rice, it was quite high calorie so im going to have a play around with it to make it lower in calories and fat and omit the rice and replace it with a salad.

Snacks I’ve had a tub of king prawns and i have a bag of blueberry rice cakes to munch on if i need them while watching tv later.

To close here are just a few snap shots of my holiday.

Well folks that’s all for now, time to head off and have an early night, I’m still tired and recovering from my trip.

I wish you all a goodnight and enjoy what is left of your day, stay safe, stay well and stay strong xoxoxo.

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