Check in chat 29/11/2020. Good food choices.

Good evening my wonderful peeps.

How has your day been?

I’m now on day 4 of getting back on it and so far so good, Iv only had cravings for sweet things today which is good, but for my supper I have stewed some rhubarb and strawberries and im going to have them with some fat free thick greek yogurt and maybe a little honey.

To get my chocolate fix i’ve been drinking cadburys highlights, ok it’s not the same without whipped cream and marshmallow but if I want to live a bit longer I have to do it, and you know what it’s not that bad.

I’m still having sundays off as I did last time but until my body is back under control (with the help of more new meds) they’re creeping up again.. I’ll be weighing and measuring, so for lunch today I had a lemon and pepper salad with sweet chilli prawns, and for tea I had a jacket potato but instead of butter I used light philadelphia soft cheese and mashed it all together and poured on a lovely beef casserole I made with thick gravy it was lush…

I still don’t feel as though my blood pressure has yet started to descend, I still have the headache and much much fluid retention but I am standing longer now, I can switch on the kettle and mix together the hot chocolate and dash of milk, then I sit down, then I can pour in the hot water and then sit down again before I venture into the living room lol, slowly but surely.

We’ve never had a TV in the bedroom and brought one last week, it is helping a lot its means I can go up to bed earlier ( keeping me away from the fridge lol) and i can lay down with my feet propped up binging the latest box set im on haha, but also I can doze on and off and with the miracle of pause and rewind I don’t miss anything haha.

Neil has almost finished putting up the christmas decorations, yes I know it’s only November and yep this is the earliest I have ever put them up, well I say I it was neil unfortunately im not well enough to do it, but I did sit down and give my orders out haha, he has been given full reign of the tree, the one item I don’t let anyone near im so picky about the tree dressing, so I hope he has enjoyed it this year ha ha ha.

Iv spent the last few weeks doing some christmas crochet, il add pics at a later date when its all finished, one is a penguin wreath for my penguin mad grandson that was requested! and iv an order for a lollita dress next january, Im praying il be well enough to make it.

So this is all my news for today nothing much to say really, wow shock shes gonna stop rabbiting on haha,

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For now I will bid you all a good night and chat again soon.

Take care, stay safe, stay well and most of all don’t forget to smile, someone somewhere is thinking of you and im one of those xoxoxo

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