General chit chat about nothing in particular really….

Good evening everyone.

Brrr it’s definitely getting a bit cooler no rephrase that it’s getting bloody freezing…..☃ ❄

I‘m on day 5 or is that 6? iv no idea I think i may have icicles in my brain, that with the rest of the spaghetti motorway in there… iv just been informed it’s Tuesday I thought it was Monday, goodness definitely spaghetti junction in my head lol.

Food has been good I think i have surprised myself, although I really craved sweet things yesterday, but that became evident why this morning when I been granted a visit from that woman I hate damn Mother Nature, I haven’t seen her in months and she chooses now to give me surprise visit, well you know what she can just go back home, I don’t have the time or energy for her visit….

I can’t remember what I ate yesterday just let me consult my diary, ahh yes, for lunch I had a lemon pepper salad with a bit of ham and for dinner I had chicken and stir fry veggies with a hoisin sauce and wok noodles, and for snacks I had organix apple rice cakes and snacked on seafood sticks throughout the day.

I’m so looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and sharing with you some great ideas I have for new recipes, I have so missed it, I have the will to get in there and play around again, but my body will just not let me, im not going to push myself I’m just going to ride this flare out, however long it takes, sure I can sit in the kitchen and tell Neil or Olivia what i want doing but then that takes out all of the fun for me, so please bear with me I will get back in there just have no idea when.

I popped out for a bit today, took most of the morning for me to pluck up the courage but I got there, it was a little busy but with this time of the year im guessing it will be.

Tomorrow I’m going to hopefully finnish off the penguin wreath, if im not to tired, I will not be going out anywhere as I already know that I will be more than exhausted, sometimes I really hate that just for a few hours freedom I will be ill after it, but im not dwelling on it today im in somewhat happyish place.

A tad boring today as once again I don’t really have anything exciting to say in my oh so amazing exciting (stay at home) life lol.

So I shall bid you all a goodnight and please enjoy the rest of your day, take care and stay safe and as well as well is possible xoxoxo

Please hit the star✨ like button and the follow ➡ button, im not always boring sometimes I do have something fun and exciting to write about hahahah.

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