Feeling a bit strange. Crochet.

Good evening everyone, I hope your all as well as can be.

Wow so some parts of the UK were blessed with snow yesterday, it was lovely to see my grandson being aware of what snow is this year, he was having so much fun making and throwing snowballs lol.

It was lovely to see all the posts on Facebook of the beautiful white image’s of freshly laid snow, but with a pang of jealousy from me as we didn’t get any snow, my bottom lip is now quivering lol.

Onto the important item.. Food… It was going pretty well until last night, i’v no idea why but I ordered a take away, over the course of the evening I ate a burger, a handful of chips a small piece of garlic bread and a very small slice from a donner wrap, why I can’t explain it, I awoke from my nap yesterday afternoon, came downstairs and ordered it! Was it from habit did I not think about it, or because I awoke in a not so good mood? I had taken some pork out of the freezer in the morning so I already had plans to make a healthy meal, confused.com,

I finished putting together the wreath I was making for my grandsons, it didn’t come out looking as I had invasged, but I’m sure they will like it, i’l give it a couple of days for the glitter and glue to dry and pop it in the post for them.

I’m feeling a bit yukky at the moment but can’t quite put my finger on why, so for now I’m going to blame it on mother nature.

I’m back at the docs in a few days, I feel as though my blood pressure has gone down a bit but not to a good level, I still have fluid and a headache, but I guess il find out soon.

So peeps I’m afraid nothing exciting to chat about, life is pretty boring and mundane at the moment as I’m sure it is for many peeps at the moment.

So I shall bid you a good night, Good night world enjoy the rest of your day night night xoxoxo

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