I’m irresistible to food….😂Goodnight 8/12/2020

Good evening everyone, I hope you’ve had a good day.

I managed to dye my hair but that was it, it tired me out so much, then I had to deal with sitting in the shower to wash it all out, by this point I was exhausted.

I think I’ve forgotten the days of dying my hair, having a shower, putting on my war paint then having a night out and work the next day, those are only now a distant memory..But I shall not dwell on the has been.

This afternoon I decided to make myself my hat but couldn’t concentrate because of the tiredness so gave up on that idea, iv some somewhere from last year, I’ll have a rummage around in the morning, my favourite one came out of the washer with a big black mark on it, I’ve absolutely no idea what it is and it won’t come off 🤷.

My docs appointment has changed so if I’m lucky I’ll get an extra hour in bed, but knowing my luck I’ll be up extra early lol.

For tea I just had a basa fillet with a mushroom stir-fry with my sticky sauce and a bit of grated coconut on, I may have to do it for my lunch again tomorrow…food hasn’t been to bad this week, with my low mood I’m very surprised at how well I’ve managed.

I am a self confessed comfort eater which is not a good thing at all I only have to look at food and it jumps right on my hips, belly, ass and well everywhere, it screams to me I want you, I want you…and sometimes I just wish I wasn’t so irresistible 🤣. I do try to keep losing weight but it dam well finds me again…

Iv had a lazy night in bed, watching the Royal variety performance, it was ok, I will confess it’s the 1st time I actually sat down and watched it tho, I’m still sat in bed writing to you lovely peeps around the world while watching Ava on Netflix, so far so good, how has your day been?.

I shall shut up garbling on and let you get on with the rest of your day, please keep safe and well goodnight everyone xoxoxo

Image from Google.

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