A busy week ahead….I will be back soon.

Good evening peeps hope your week has gone well?

The last few days have been rather busy, docs visits and making the house child proof (i.e. removing all visible breakable ornaments out of the way), christmas junk food shopping all the things that are only allowed at christmas at nanna and grandad’s house, well what happens at nana’s stays at nana’s lol.

So we have had to form a childcare bubble, and guess what yup I got the poorly grandchildren they always seem to have a cold when they visit us lol, but I am armed with calpol and cold drinks and comfort food for them im sure we can last a week… eekkk…

It will probably be the week after next before I’m back on again that is if were not ill, guess we have to make it 3 christmas’s in a row to be ill, it will be a little strange this year only being the 3 of us around the table, but I’m sure that it will be the same for many of us, but its only the once (keeps fingers, toes and any body parts that can be crossed, crossed).

The kids were very excited to see that santa had managed to find nana’s house and deliver a few presents early, which made for a busy day of playing and party food, topped off with a bath with the new dinosaur bath bombs.

I only have baby talk to talk about at the moment so I will bid you all a good night, il keep up my healthy eating, but will probably be quick foods, definitely not the time to try and cook really good stuff with two hyperactive toddlers.

Enjoy your days everyone and I hope you get to see as some of your loved ones over this christmas period or at least be able to speak to them.

Take care, stay safe and smile xoxoxo

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