A fun week, naughty elves and now silence……

Hi peeps, hope you are all well.

After a long week i have my house back lol, toys are put away vacuuming done, although im spotting glitter everywhere I look, I guess I can say my house is looking rather sparkly haha, and the elves have been rather naughty, from eating all the chocolates and needing a bath lol to dying grandpa’s beard!!!!!!

The children did leave me a lingering present though, it was amazing to receive, it was a sore throat, sore chest, a headache and a temperature, they are so kind, as my granddaughter said to me, our bodies know when we are going to nannys house so we had better get a cold to leave for nanna 😂, Unfortunatly Olivia has had the worst, sorry to be graphic but her tonsils and throat were just oozing pus, so she has 8 antibiotics a day to take, and has had to work this whole time while feeling dreadful and no sleep, she did say do not wake me up on friday or saturday im staying in bed…

The only problem I have with having a cold is whether I will be allowed to enter the surgery tomorrow for my blood pressure check, that is a bit worrying as I do still feel my BP is quite high.

Food wise, we have had 2 take aways and .party food and cake but I have not eaten nearly as much as I would normally and I have kept to the fasting which has surprised me, I was saying to Neil this morning that I have not wanted to eat after 9pm not even the comfort eating and stress eating from the few tantrums that we have had, I haven’t even really thought about food during the fasting, so im guessing my body has got used to it now, which is a very good thing….

Oh well I suppose I should go and strip the beds and do the last bit of wrapping, there were to many good deals on yesterday, when something (I can’t say yet, peeping eyes) that was £120 reduced to £50 and £48 reduced to £24 it was to good a deal to miss.

Please have a wonderful day everyone, keep smiling and stay safe, chat soon xoxoxo

image from google.

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