Good morning 25/12/2020

Good morning peeps all around the world.

I hope you go onto have a the best day that you can.

It’s 7am and I’m doing my best to climb out from under the bed clothes, but it’s just way too cold brrr, I have the teddy bedding on and it’s so evil keeping me in here lol.

We all have colds which is normal around this time, but with the amount of sneezing and sniffing Neil is doing I think it will be better if I get up, I’m not quite at that stage yet.

So I have made the decision to climb out of bed and make a start on Christmas dinner, Neil does the dinner usually but I’m going to give him the day off, and if I don’t start now it won’t be done till Christmas next year lol.

Ok I’m big, I’m brave ๐Ÿ˜‚ I can do this, I can remove the warm soft fluffy covers from my body and face Mr Jack frost, that’s it im going.

Nope Mr Jack frost won I’m back under the covers ha ha.

Have the best day you all can, keep warm, stay safe and remember your not alone.

Merry Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ peeps XOXOXO

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